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2017-08-11 16:02:49 UTC  

I usually wait till I am about to get out before I start spouting race facts and reccomending books.

2017-08-11 16:05:16 UTC  

Hurry up, fug

2017-08-11 16:05:40 UTC  

What this mean wat

2017-08-11 16:06:12 UTC  

On April 28, 2003, President George W. Bush nominated Conrad to become a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia. "I felt like I had done just about all I could do with the responsibilities I had,"

2017-08-11 16:06:16 UTC  

It means two hours until Wes Bellamy gets his baboon ass handed to him by a judge.

2017-08-11 16:06:26 UTC  

He and his wife are republicans at least

2017-08-11 16:06:30 UTC  

Conrad's wife, Mary Ann, is active in the Republican Party.[1]

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IDK it doesn't say he is a Republican in the wiki

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Just his wife

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He could be a cuck

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But in the South man

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That could go multiple ways

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Fuck YES

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Fingers crossed

2017-08-11 16:07:55 UTC  

It's better news than could be

2017-08-11 16:08:31 UTC  

Yeah, and tbqh there's situational arguments and constitutional arguments

2017-08-11 16:08:33 UTC  

The fact that the police are setting up barricades tells me the city is trying to cover their ass

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2017-08-11 16:08:48 UTC  

If they brought in third parties... to cover their asses

2017-08-11 16:09:02 UTC  

And make sure that any lawsuit would be minimal

2017-08-11 16:09:04 UTC  

I saw shitlibs in Lee park already like an hour ago

2017-08-11 16:09:07 UTC  

TARU forces?

2017-08-11 16:09:37 UTC  

either it's to keep everyone out if we don't get the permit or it's to act as if we have to permit

2017-08-11 16:09:45 UTC  

Southern republicans are leftist

2017-08-11 16:09:57 UTC  

Everyone knows the democrats started the kkk

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2017-08-11 16:10:24 UTC  

Stupid racist democrats

2017-08-11 16:10:29 UTC  

Small handful of shitlibs. 10 or less. Also they are putting barricades and blocking streets

2017-08-11 16:10:49 UTC  

Do his previous actions allude to leftist leanings?

2017-08-11 16:11:04 UTC  

We still haven't gotten an announcement for the version of Dixie we're singing

2017-08-11 16:11:09 UTC  

Can we find cases he's tried?

2017-08-11 16:11:32 UTC  

To all of you:
I do not understand going on a road trip with a car that has car trouble. Get a rental. If you are in a convoy WTF. A van and gas will be cheaper to rent than just gas in multiple cars.

2017-08-11 16:11:54 UTC  

Everyone wants to be a team player until it's time to do team things.