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2017-07-04 23:50:23 UTC

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2017-07-04 23:50:25 UTC

2017-07-05 00:05:11 UTC  

Much better!

2017-07-05 00:38:53 UTC  

Rarely do we see orbiting of this magnitude

2017-07-05 01:05:46 UTC  


2017-07-05 01:08:32 UTC  

What? Alex Jones orbiting? I'm guilty as charged. I know, it's embarrassing.

2017-07-05 02:28:53 UTC  

what's the purpose of this channel? literally alex jones memes?

2017-07-05 02:34:02 UTC  

For me, this channel is a safe space where I can be with others who are on the level of awareness that they realize the sheer genius and truth to every word that has ever come out of Alex Jones's mouth.

2017-07-05 02:34:18 UTC  

Not sure what the official purpose is though.

2017-07-05 02:50:15 UTC  

It was originally called “General__2” and was meant to be an overflow channel for times when General_1 got busy.

2017-07-05 02:50:43 UTC  

I saw the flaw in that plan and began a campaign to convert it to a Jones posting channel.

2017-07-05 02:50:55 UTC  

It was a success.

2017-07-05 02:54:10 UTC  

Alex Jones is the only prophet of the last 500 years who understands that chemtrails are turning the jewish lizard people gay and that is how they become interdimensional pedophiles who did controlled demolitions on 9/11. **IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!!!!**

2017-07-05 03:39:42 UTC  

^^^^^ THIS is why I joined this server!!

2017-07-05 05:45:25 UTC

2017-07-05 05:51:20 UTC

2017-07-05 06:11:10 UTC  

not sure if serious. jones is a easily targetable caricture of us.

2017-07-05 06:11:47 UTC  

Is he?

2017-07-05 06:12:46 UTC  

Not sure if what is serious?

2017-07-05 06:18:58 UTC  

supporting alex jones. he promotes lizard men for shits sake.

2017-07-05 06:20:06 UTC  

sure he turned his vast network onto our side but the man shills water fiters and super male vitality which does nothing

2017-07-05 06:20:46 UTC  

He also opened my eyes up to the fact that the moon is a hologram created by the globalists to promote the idea that the earth is not round.

2017-07-05 06:22:21 UTC  

right. to the media we are that

2017-07-05 06:22:45 UTC  

iight autism over

2017-07-05 06:22:52 UTC  

Hey @Dan iiii what's it like to have crippling autism

2017-07-05 06:23:18 UTC  

im a logical robot. der ubermensch

2017-07-05 06:23:20 UTC  

Weeeeeeeh, I'm bored so I have to nitpick inconsequential shit

2017-07-05 06:23:27 UTC

2017-07-05 06:29:03 UTC

2017-07-05 06:29:05 UTC  

@Hand Banana if only you played by logical ruels instead of false meanings we"d get much further <:jude:321787268312465418>

2017-07-05 06:29:28 UTC  

Literally what

2017-07-05 06:30:17 UTC  

@Hand Banana that tism. okay im done. im drunk. happy 4th. hail victory.

2017-07-05 06:30:58 UTC  

Listen here you fuckin fucker

2017-07-05 06:31:08 UTC  

You archetypal cocksucker

2017-07-05 06:31:31 UTC  

Listen you god damn son of a bitch

2017-07-05 06:31:35 UTC  

bitch what you even know about archtypes