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Gives me a thought hehe

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Staged encounters would work also

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Media savvy

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Activism is the outward facing teeth of the organization. The real change comes from within. Creating a nation within a nation. The most valuable part of a nation is infrastructure. You should have localized action as a mainstay of your activities, and creating infrastructure as a goal.

Self improvement as a group is also incredibly key. Training and working together is a must to acheive that. A sign of success should be you being able to live your life as much detached from the previous system as possible, embracing the one you have created with your fellow members of the Vanguard.

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Bbl need to run for now

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Everybody that lives within 20 mins of another member should be meeting up every week

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If you don't have anybody near you in vanguard, find local pool parties or DS book clubs

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Having local contacts is arguably the most important part

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In Houston we can have a meetup and easily get 20+ people to attend because of our alliances

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How long until 50 or 100

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Winning will come from being able to wake up in a house built by your fellow members, eating a breakfast grown by your fellow members, getting your car fixed by another member, and then ending the day sleeping on sheets sewn by members.

Activism in the sense that we know it is more a means to an end as part of this.

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Well put

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20+ is unnecessary

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~10 would be ideal. If you can get more, split into two groups based on proximity

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It depends what the meetup is for. If it's fellowship the more the merrier. We have family meetups with kids etc.

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Yes. General purpose weekly meetups should be smaller

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Well what we've been doing down here is bearing fruit. I'll stick with that.

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I hope to meet this colored gentleman

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Yea that dude had to delete his twitter acct. twice. Hahahaha

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His boyfriend took that pic

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He's not that big the picture angle makes him look bigger than he is I bet he's 5 ft tall

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He's just a dindu. They're not magic. I've whipped a boxcar full of them. Just don't strike them in the head, it's a rock lol

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I've actually seen that it does appear that their heads can take a whole lot but there still vulnerable to other things like pressure points and my personal favorite if all else fails "kick him straight in the balls"

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Nobody will suspect a thing

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The thing with fighting nogs is that you gotta punch em in the nose. They see blood and freak out cause they're always on the edge of freaking out.

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Or just last like 10 seconds. They're not in good shape generally.

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First person to make one of those on some land gets a promotion.

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that is the idea

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These guys are a great example of training mixed with activism. Take a look at their stuff.

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Isn't Jack Donovan a fag?

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He doesn't like white nationalist

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Wow. Gay and anti-white

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Thus the homo erotic group workout session.