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so first and most importantly for the new guy ....

how do i get me one of those cool little icons in front of my name? no one wants to look at my face

k gotcha

thank you thank you

looking forward to fun, exciting and active times ahead

oh boy my age shows this quickly .... my 20?

i was hoping to put off the reveal for a while lol


<-- 49

and holding

im old enough tat my son had to practically hold me back at Charlottesville lol

old habits ...hehe

any of you 40+ guys in previous groups or organizations?


yeah his death was a shock when it happened

none of us knew he was sick

had been with him just a couple of months before

in my opinion there was something fishy about it

Billy Roper was top command for street action side of things

as soon as Pierce was declared dead the compound was locked and neither Roper nor I was allowed to enter

and suddenly Gliebe was declared leader so I've always believed Pierce was murdered or somehow done in

things were really happening when that went down

we were gearing up for the march that brought 2500+ to DC on the white house lawn

those were official law enforcement numbers not our propaganda

we actually had more

but the day before the US military sent out a notice to all personnel that they were forbidden to take part or face military discipline

even so many of them showed up but we told them we appreciate their dedication but stand down we didnt want them getting in trouble

leftists had over 4k

the ENTIRE like 4 block route was cops both sides locked arms

well you have to realize that sex crimes are frequently used against the right

the lft in power likes to use accusations of homo and pervert against right because they know they will easily be ostracized that way

so i never fully believed the strom pedo stuff govt was coming down hardcore on us back then

A24 was the nname of the event

at DC but we had several marches leading up to it

strom was always more of a propaganda guy. hes good at gathering info etc but hes never been one for street action and there was a bit of a split at the time within the NA over whether or not to even be involved in street action

well Billy is someone i would literally trust with my life

that guy has made some associations I personally wouldnt make

but ive stood with him MANY timees in the past and the guy is solid as far as "movement" lol we used to hate that word

i chat with him still from time to time

Dr Pierce himself spoke to us several times about his walking the line between street action or not

back in that day skinheads were active and was an issue being lumped in with them

well from what ive seen billy has been punching alt-right a bit true

OPTICS was our main problem back then

you get a march of 2k people and 2 skins show up and start yelling white power and roman saluting and guess what the newspapers show

well honestly i havent seen anythign from strom recently

i didnt deal with strom much in NA days

he was more on the compound working on media etc and i was more street action and recruiting

i agree

the professional image rules out most skins imo because most just want the next 6 pack of beer and a "party" to go to

trying to find a decent video of the DC marches right now

okay so i found a REALLY crappy video

obviously shot by a skin with horrific music dubbed over the thing

should i even link this thing i actually found me in the vid

well i will say this

this is a perfect example of why optics is important

the vast majority of people in this demonstration wore coat and tie over button down shirt but you wouldnt know it from this video

remember a skin shot this i cringe watching it lol

they were small in number but it doesnt take many

im at the 2:31 mark the guy with the dark jacket on ... well my back to the camera

SO much logistics and planning went into those events

and just takes a few jackasses to make it look like crap

now you see why im such a stickler for optics

ive been through that crap with idiots like that


NA was very professional and always worked hard to keep a very clean cut and uniform appearance

is why it was us they came fater hard towards the end


yeah i havent seen them perusing the net etc

early on we used Hammerskins for security but after 1 or 2 events that got old real quick

yeah they never got it

always looking for a fight and no clue about the long game and the goal

you young guys watching that video i feel bad linking it we really didnt look like that trust me

just the asshats shooting the video they were in the back

we had 3 "deputies" assigned to try to keep order and coordinate with law enforcement

i was the one assigned to secret service who deal with any event near the capitol

very pro guys definitley not "friends" but they were zero drama

local law enforcement sometimes get all dramatic trying to act tough

now see there you go

thats some good stuff there

yeah even 200 with that kind of discipline is a great look

honestly 200 with that look is more impressive than 2k looking like the skins

okay folks im off for the night. stay safe. stay legal and out of trouble. sleep well. o/


so i know this guy. He swears HE isn't gay but his boyfriend is

ill just go with the old school LOL

there is actually a passage in the talmud that says sex with a boy under a certain age is acceptable

in a way many different races DID fight for the third reich

i find it amusing when people claim that the national socialist germans wanted to kill everyone that wasnt aryan meanwhile they were allied with japan

ethnic nationalism is something that should be supported across racial lines

minorities are used as tools by Jews against white nationalists

our enemy is not blacks or other ethnicities our enemy is jewry

honestly if blacks went nationalist the US would be a lot better

i actually support reparations

reparations should be set aside to create an ethnic state in africa to resettle american descendents of slaves back to africa

if we are forced to pay for a jewish state why cant we take that money and pay for a black remigration state?

you dont follow me

take the money we give to israel and use it to fund a natioonalist state in africa for a resettlement of black descendents of slavery in the US back to africa

it's about perception

white nationalists get too bogged down in fighting the tools and spending time with minorities instead of taking the tool away from the jew

think of how blacks are used in the US right now to shout down and make the white nationalists look abd and like meanies etc. its always "well you hate black people or hispanics or whatever"

optics yes

blacks are conditioned to ask for certain things

reparations etc

if you say okay fine you can have that and divert it from the state of israel

what does that do? it stuns the blacks and also turns blacks against jews when the jews say OY VEY you owe us money for WW2 guilt

blacks are like wtf WW2 wasnt US fault but they DID bring us over as slaves

peeling the onion

the more people you can actually have a conversation with and leave them thinking, "um wait a minute these guys arent what im being told they are" the better

you dont need to exterminate peple you just need to remove them

you can kill the mouse or you can get the mouse to kill himself

or simply leave your house thinking he is going to a better place

we have several obstacles. the more we can get to self remove or self destruct the better

jews arent going around killing white people

they are using tools to get us to kill ourselves

its not all about getting them to leave

its also about the psychology of it

the jew pushes blacks to combat us

evey time a black confronts me i just say um not sure why you have a problem with me go listen to Malcolm X he says the same thing i do

are you saying you NEED white people to survive?

turn it back on them

im just talking about taking away some weapons the jew uses

as an aside folks there is a LOT of history on some of the people active in the "movement" these days

and a lot of misinformation about people and their backgrounds

i would like to say do your homework and dig a bit before believing anything you hear about people accusing others of whatever within the "movement"

just in general

ive seen and heard stuff around this guy is this or that drama causing crap

between groups

just saying when you first hear stuff dont get drawn into it

boxes with literal minis in them? that would be expensive

plus driving around in a mini suggests a certain sexual preference

for GUYS

chicks can drive around in them


solar powered?

the alt lite will all drive something french like a renault

yeah but if you hit anything in it it doubles as a coffin

my next vehicle will be an Aufi


always wanted one

Ford actually supplied the engines for the early NSDAP panzers

and Hitler had a picture of Ford in his office

admired him

yeah after the war a big fuss about it

One of my favorite shirts

We have returned!

ive got a pic of me standing between Dr. Pierce and Hans Schmidt somewhere around

Hans Schmidt man that guy could tell some stories

his wife would roll her eyes and say "God ive heard this one 100 times" lol

who is that?

Billy Roper and the street active part of NA was literally locked out of the WV property. The takeover by Gliebe upon Pierce' s death was a coup. Billy Roper has MANY times taken stands that have cost him a LOT of money as he has chosen principle over cash and a comfortable lifestyle. Having been in NA leadership with Roper I can tell you he has always been a staunch supporter of WN even in the face of being bloodied at demonstrations and threatened. I do not agree with Roper on every single issue but the recent attack on him in the hatchet piece by Hunter Wallace is outrageous. The fact is that Hunter Wallace, and the many names he goes by, sided with the man who testified for the federal government in the sedition trial of David Lane, the creator of the 14 words, and the rest of the Order and he also turned in members of his own organization to the federal government. I'm not posting this to create drama. But Having lived through Nd taken part in this history the record must be set straight.

I don't punch right as they say. But sometimes certain people in the right use that mantra to hide behind after they themselves do things that are uncalled for and outrageous.

Glen Miller is the name of the federal informant who testified against the Order and even his own people. Hunter Wallace continued to give him a voice through forums etc and was a voice for allowing him back into the "movement".

Being a federal informant is horrible enough. People saying that people who do that should continue to have a voice in WN and then turn around and criticise others who have been staunch loyalists is unforgivable.

I agree that the nit picking and infighting is damaging. I have fought against it for YEARS. I continue to speak to people behind the scenes about it including Roper.

Some of the comments by Roper in his speech linked earlier are a bit immature and unnecessary. But as many of you saw from the NA DC March I linked a couple of nights ago going with the big tent theory CAN bite you in the end if you aren't careful who you invite into that tent.

Sorry for the short novel but just wanted to address a couple of things.

There was serious effort to bring group's together back then to work together toward a common goal. The NA and particularly Roper lead that effort. I traveled with him to klan compounds, NSM events, met with group's like Hammerskins and Keystone skins etc. We tried to get cohesion and optics improvement like button down shirts with coat and tie etc. But at that time there were too many "hobbyists" as Dr Pierce called them. Called larpers today. Yes too much fracturing and too many mini Fuehrers. But the NA was working hard and making progress in that area and the death of Pierce coupled with the Gliebe coup and federal raids ended all of that. I am happy to see the lessons learned since then especially in the area of optics. I look forward go making great strides and moved forward and look forward to the day when we look back on even the largest NA demonstration and smile and say, "Man do you remember when we could only pull 2k people?!" and then laugh about it. So forward we go. Let's do it.

Social media today makes it much easier. Back then a lot of fracturing had to do with trust and fear of informants. NA had members of law enforcement who were friendly who would background check for us and also let us know sometimes when individuals made it onto a list or were being watched. Less excuse today for the fracturing. More media means more information. MSM and government can't quite as easily pull things off.

Perfect example is Damigo punching moldilocks. Back in early 2000s Damigo would be in prison because all you would have seen was media showing him hit her.

MSM had a lock on flow of media

Now everyone has a camera or cell phone so it's more difficult to twist things. Which is good for us because the truth is on our side.

Unite anarcho anything with NatSoc!?

Just a thought. While speaking with Hans Schmidt one time he told me the term NAZI was actually a derogatory term for National Socialist. I had not known that previously but it changed my usage of the term.

Much like the term nigger for black.


That's my answer

Just like the thought that we can vote our way out of our mess

Having Trump in office is a lot like Bill Oreilly used to be for normies conservayives

They yell at the t v and say " you are so right Bill!!" And they feel like they have accomplished somethibg

I hated Bill oreilly being on tv because he was a pressure valve to release steam

Recruit and organize and wake people up

The thing is we don't need to change anyone's mind

People know the truth

We just need to embolden them enough to stand up with us and speak it

So triggers

Like Damigo punching moldilocks

God knows how much attention that got IE

And that was self defense

I'm not advocating aggression


Gives me a thought hehe

Staged encounters would work also

Media savvy

Bbl need to run for now

His boyfriend took that pic



Plenty of room on the wall there will be

Although a "THIS IS SPARTA!!" type pit would work too

But then you'd have to listen to the incessant moaning and wailing

Reminds me of a scene in a movie where they are pushing a bunch of Jews into a gassing area and they are screaming etc. One SS guy turns to the other and simply says, "sounds like a synogogue"

Trying to remember

Can prob YouTube the line from the movie

Might have been the one with amon

I think schindlers list

Lots of good one liners in that movie

I remember seeing schindlers list in theatre and there were parts where I was openly laughing and people were turning to look at me like I killed their dog

No sense of humor

What do u guys use to put those up with? Some kind of paste over or a peel off back?

Shoot her
Here on my authority. I'm not going to argue with these people.

K will use tape tomorrow but after that we'll do it right

Who do we order those full size shipping labels from? Or can they be found easily anywhere?

Being anti something always falls apart. Have to be pro something to have structure and stand

Americans follow a winner. Just look at how many people go out and buy the hat for whatever team just won super bowl or world series

If u show strength and structure and vision the people will come


No i mean we need to model ourselves to have those traits

In my travels around the world Americans are pretty easily lead

But they have a short attention span

How many times in 30 minutes on the drive to work in the morning do u hear the same McDonald's breakfast commercial

There's a reason for that kind of marketing

Americans need to be beaten in the face with something verbally and reminded repeatedly

And they follow like a ring in the nose and don't even consciously know it

If u want to make an omelette u have go break a few eggs. Just grab some popcorn, sit back and watch some whites get "redpilled"

I believe the majority of our people are still psychologically sound enough to KNOW what is going on. They have just been cowed and put into such fear that they feel they dare not act or speak out.

You see this present in those even amongst the ranks of awakened WN with the fear of "doxxing"

Although I point to the CNN doxxing case recently as another example of the fear the left is having eight now.

They didn't do that just to affect that kid. Make no mistake. That story was a psychological shot across the bow by the left to the right.

"This will happen to you too if you dare speak out!!'

Being and about and in the face of the public and not seeming fearful when someone puts a camera in your face shows others who are on the sidelines watching that they too can speak out and stand up

BOLDNESS is a very effective recruiting tool

Thx for that link.


Well I HAVE heard that females working at the local Asian massage parlor agree that mixing the races is okay. But apparently they want to charge you "twenty dollah!!" To prove it.


Bet that was a fun find

Do they MAKE an antibiotic strong enough for that?

Was it HIS glovebox?

Did you replace it with a rolled up poster? Like the new anti-gay One? Lol

I have an old 1976 jeep DJ5 mail truck. Got into it this morning crank it up put it in reverse.... nothing. Check all gears none of them engage.

Just sits there and runs.

A transmission doesn't just GO OUT does it?

Doesn't it go out over time like you can tell?

Had an 81 civic and it started dropping gears 1 at a time as trans went bsd.

Reverse went out first. That sucked

Yeah I'm headed home from work now I'm hoping it's some kind of cable connection underneath from shifter

Yeah I usually look stuff up on YouTube videos how to fix things automotive

I can fly a plane but don't know a thing about fixing a car

Is the cabling external so u could see if it was broken? Or internal like u would need a mechanic to check it to know where to look?

K well we shall see

Wish me luck

@Kevin FL ended up being just a fluid issue. checked transmission fluid while engine hot and in neutral nothing on the stick. took quart and a half lol. sucker jumps into gear now

and alas ...he is offline

replaced 3 segments of fuel line also while under the hood so a good evening

and still going out to poster in a bit

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