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2017-06-10 17:53:45 UTC  


2017-06-10 17:53:46 UTC  

Oh sorry lol

2017-06-10 17:54:13 UTC  

JIDF probably Youtube searching "kikes" so they can see who's Jew-hatin

2017-06-10 18:04:51 UTC  

Yeah just like a bunch of fucking hook nose kikes would.

2017-06-10 18:06:03 UTC  

So what are the rules on advertising I have an intstagram page where I post fashy/nationalist/natsoc photos and already getting some good likes and followers, I think it would be good to put the link in the bio but Idk the rules on all that.

2017-06-10 18:15:15 UTC  

You should have been given a social media policy PDF when you joined

2017-06-10 18:15:55 UTC  

Oh. I did not. I'll message

2017-06-10 18:16:10 UTC  

Well actually I'm not sure of his username.

2017-06-10 18:19:36 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan redskegg needs a Social Media Policy pdf

2017-06-10 18:20:37 UTC  

Thank you @Ronny TX

2017-06-10 19:03:41 UTC  

I too need that social media policy pdf if you can just drop it in here

2017-06-10 19:04:05 UTC

2017-06-10 19:29:19 UTC  

Looks good though, how is it anchored? @White Millennial TX

2017-06-10 19:34:47 UTC  

Anchored in the concrete slab

2017-06-10 19:37:02 UTC

2017-06-10 19:37:29 UTC

2017-06-10 19:44:50 UTC

2017-06-10 20:12:51 UTC  

@everyone literally nothing at San Jacinto

2017-06-10 20:13:32 UTC  


2017-06-10 20:13:54 UTC  

Still haven't seen any local press online.

2017-06-10 20:17:24 UTC  

There was something here about an hour ago

2017-06-10 20:17:30 UTC  

According to an employee

2017-06-10 20:19:40 UTC  

Hail victory!

2017-06-10 20:28:57 UTC  

>Roman saluting in public


2017-06-10 20:29:40 UTC  

Those guys look a lot older than VA seems to be though. What group were they?

2017-06-10 20:31:27 UTC  

Bring Roman saluting back

2017-06-10 20:32:06 UTC  

Daily Stormer

2017-06-10 20:32:10 UTC  

Good goys

2017-06-10 20:32:47 UTC  

Guys would it be better to fly the actual national flag of the CSA?

2017-06-10 20:35:03 UTC  

You mean this one?

2017-06-10 20:35:25 UTC  


2017-06-10 20:35:33 UTC  

I really like Roman saluting and really wish it (like so many other things) wasn't so tainted in the view of normies

2017-06-10 20:35:45 UTC  

Now if normies catch you doing it, you instantly lose tons of credibility

2017-06-10 20:35:51 UTC  

Or is the battle flag more suited due to symolism for RaHoWa

2017-06-10 20:36:06 UTC  

Roman saluting is on my bucket list

2017-06-10 20:36:24 UTC  

I think it depends on intent. Battle flag is better for demonstrations, civil is for flying at home, hanging on wall, etc

2017-06-10 20:36:27 UTC  


2017-06-10 20:37:11 UTC  

Yeah same, but I'm not doing it until I have a leader I respect and people beside me I trust.

I've seen it done to Richard Spencer and Nathan Damigo, but it felt...fake or wrong.

2017-06-10 20:37:19 UTC  

That was like a week or 2 before I joined VA actually

2017-06-10 20:37:56 UTC  

Fuck Damigo

2017-06-10 20:40:31 UTC  

Yeah I've got some salt towards him