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2017-07-16 04:18:04 UTC  

Should they have to ask for the permission of whoever took the photo?

2017-07-16 04:18:30 UTC  

Not in public

2017-07-16 04:18:57 UTC  

And the photographer probably works for the stock photo company too

2017-07-16 04:28:51 UTC  

ah I see

2017-07-16 04:31:50 UTC  

This is fucking hilarious

2017-07-16 04:32:02 UTC  

We're officially big league now

2017-07-16 04:32:08 UTC  

There's *public domain* photo of us now

2017-07-16 04:54:35 UTC  

We're famous

2017-07-16 05:06:30 UTC

2017-07-16 05:06:49 UTC  

Murfreesboro, TN got hit tonight

2017-07-16 05:07:05 UTC

2017-07-16 05:07:45 UTC  

About 40 of these went up across a high scale outdoor mall

2017-07-16 05:08:10 UTC  

👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

2017-07-16 05:17:27 UTC  

Now to get some restful sleep and them wake up and call the local newsmedia and express my "outrage" and send them pics of these HORRIBLE FLIERS!! lol

2017-07-16 05:18:43 UTC  

AntiFa noticed the last postering event and gave a shout out to us on itsgoingdown.

Really ready for local news to as well

2017-07-16 05:20:38 UTC  

@Riefen supplied the materials and the great conversation as well

2017-07-16 05:20:41 UTC  

I don't recall, @Riefen Link?

2017-07-16 05:21:15 UTC

2017-07-16 05:21:59 UTC  

Some locals vandalized a mosque and because they wrote a piece on that, they had the opportunity to mention us.

2017-07-16 05:22:07 UTC  

Non-VA locals

2017-07-16 05:23:00 UTC  

Any Georgia locals I'm doing a National Socialist protest

2017-07-16 05:23:16 UTC  

We stayed away from the Muslim thread tonight. Don't want Antifa controlling the conversation or locals thinking we are rabble spray painting crap like that

2017-07-16 05:23:27 UTC  

It's just me currently but, should anyone wish to join.

2017-07-16 05:23:49 UTC  

Yeah, better to stay away from Islam for a long while IMO. Lay low while they look for the vandals

2017-07-16 05:23:57 UTC  

Here in town at least

2017-07-16 05:24:20 UTC  

I've still got 60 "Imagine a Muslim Free America" posters

2017-07-16 05:24:31 UTC  


2017-07-16 05:24:55 UTC  

I actually think that was a false flag Antifa ok spray painting that mosque

2017-07-16 05:25:19 UTC  


2017-07-16 05:25:24 UTC  

We can use the anti Islam ones in Nashville next weekend

2017-07-16 05:25:31 UTC  

Wait was I sent to TN main?

2017-07-16 05:25:38 UTC  

Y'all shouldnt have anything to worrry about if it actually wasn't you.

2017-07-16 05:25:46 UTC  

You're in the general chat @Hunter-Lamm Viking Ancestry GA

2017-07-16 05:25:57 UTC  

I agree. I suspect it was either leftists or Muslims because the week prior I postered MFA posters in adjacent neighborhoods

2017-07-16 05:26:02 UTC  

Ah lol I'm new to discord my B

2017-07-16 05:26:08 UTC  

You can message everyone with the same color name as you, they're in Georgia

2017-07-16 05:26:24 UTC  

Talk to Donovan first

2017-07-16 05:26:32 UTC  

Not concerned about legal action so much as being condemned of the vandalism in the court of public opinion

2017-07-16 05:26:40 UTC  

People don't want to join a group of thugs imo