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2017-07-01 19:41:01 UTC  

Abstinence helps me stay focused. Jesus practiced it

2017-07-01 19:41:31 UTC  

The demon/angel shoulder trope is completely accurate. They are like muscles. Before we wake up, only the demon has been exercised and the angel is frail and weak. Now, we have to exercise our morality the same as we exercise our minds and bodies.

2017-07-01 19:41:40 UTC  

It's so hard to stay celibate when you have a pair of pale double ds in your hands every night

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2017-07-01 19:42:01 UTC  

The tale is old as the Eden Tree—as new as the new-cut tooth— For each man knows ere his lip-thatch grows he is master of Art and Truth; And each man hears as the twilight nears, to the beat of his dying heart, The Devil drum on the darkened pane: "You did it, but was it Art?"

2017-07-01 19:43:37 UTC  

Rudyard Kipling > every other poet tbh fam

2017-07-01 19:44:05 UTC  

Cris is Mr bond

2017-07-01 19:44:12 UTC  

He just called me fam

2017-07-01 19:45:11 UTC  

hahaha. IDK. I just don't feel ready for children

2017-07-01 19:45:51 UTC  

Ww2 was a war between natural and unnatural. This has been going on forever.

2017-07-01 19:45:58 UTC  

Right and wrong

2017-07-01 19:47:01 UTC  

The voice is our number 1 enemy

2017-07-01 19:47:18 UTC  

If we could all conquer that voice in our heads... We would be unstoppable

2017-07-01 19:49:01 UTC  

The voice is unnatural. Go out in nature. Hike for even just a weekend. You stop thinking of it and feeling its urges and commands.

It is the shackle by which our people have been enslaved.

2017-07-01 19:50:09 UTC  

Yes unnatural is evil. It is natural Vs unnatural. But the voice has been here for a very long time

2017-07-01 19:50:55 UTC  

I did 2weeks in the mountains not long ago. I grew more in those two weeks than I have in the last year

2017-07-01 19:51:40 UTC  

My journey to becoming a real man hasn't progressed much since returning

2017-07-01 20:52:12 UTC  

Hey. I'm gonna be away for about 5 weeks. I'm gonna be a correctional officer for the Georgia Department of Corrections I have to go to training

2017-07-01 21:02:46 UTC  

Good luck man

2017-07-01 21:12:14 UTC  

Good luck! Stay safe!

2017-07-01 21:15:00 UTC  

@NateTheGreat DNR is a good organization. That's what I work in.

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2017-07-01 22:09:14 UTC  

Two are wearing wife beaters

2017-07-01 22:09:30 UTC  

lol I love that picture

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In the current year

2017-07-01 22:55:26 UTC  

That's actually a great business idea. You have to pay for the service and it will never actually be used

2017-07-01 22:55:38 UTC  

Dude is rolling in money I bet

2017-07-01 22:58:19 UTC  

Jewish ashes

2017-07-01 23:11:06 UTC  

Oy gevalt

2017-07-02 00:01:03 UTC  

I'd love it to use for fertilizer on my gardens

2017-07-02 00:01:55 UTC  

If we had the ovens up and running again we could actually call food organic but the Jew would probably contaminate the crop even after death

2017-07-02 00:35:39 UTC  

Woo lot to read. I have a child. My life came together once he was born. It all made sense. Selfishness basically goes away and the WN fight becomes more personal than ever.

2017-07-02 00:37:05 UTC  

However I had dated for 2 years and was married prior to conception. That was me and my prerogative

2017-07-02 00:54:22 UTC  

Not prerogative but my.. whatever it's called

2017-07-02 01:32:07 UTC  

That picture has a fight club vibe to it

2017-07-02 01:56:50 UTC  

Exactly. Let's rumble cuckistani fags.

2017-07-02 02:03:01 UTC  

What's this

2017-07-02 02:04:23 UTC  

Why am I not hearing about this until now

2017-07-02 02:07:52 UTC  

Cause I just heard about it thirty minutes ago