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Fucking a

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Who is that?

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A nigger

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The symbolism from the FBI on Child pedo signs are in every Disneyand kids show so i wouldnt doubt it at all , there is alot of proof the elite are pedophiles

2017-06-03 03:41:18 UTC  

No argument here. This particular argument still lacks proof and facts

2017-06-03 03:41:52 UTC  

Just saying it can and does happen does not mean it happened like this

2017-06-03 03:42:11 UTC  

Just hang them all got treason

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They all suck fat cock, but let's hate them for provable reasons, is all I'm saying

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Yeah, I myself don't really buy into the elite being pedos. Kinda sounds just like something someone came up with because they hated them so much

2017-06-03 03:46:07 UTC  

I say we impale all of the politicians accused of being involved with Pizzagate for pedophilia, and then even if its false, there's no real loss

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Prank ^

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I like you ronny

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We're going to be friends

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He is my friend first

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My small collection

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Get fucked foxy you can't just copy me all the time

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Nice collection @SonderSchutz TX

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Best book is the forgotten soldier, its from a germans perspective, and the history of rome, really shows how their original ideas for a government were the best for the people

2017-06-03 03:57:09 UTC  

Also the Anglo-Saxon book was really interesting on how whites became the most advanced race

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@The Don GA no bowl cut

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Shekel for the good agent

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Also have a shit load of original Nintendo mags from the 90s

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plz watch

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@Sup_G bravo

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I gonna give her a sheckle and skip that hipster cup of coffee

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@SonderSchutz TX I don't see mein kampf on that shelf

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Or seige either

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Voice chat?

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