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Your level is not down, you just got to believe in yourself

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explain to me in a non vague statements on what your goal is, and what your debate point is.

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you can do it bud.

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I'm already doing! Thank god. I believe in myself

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no you are not

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try again

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press x to try again

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How am I not

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This makes me curious

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you are missing an argumentative for one.

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And so I should reset my entire life!

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I hat anime but this is fitting

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Why do you hate anime? What is your reasoning behind that

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Anime is something that children find it easy to get hooked on, addicted to, and obsessed with. This can allow for the employment of any information and interior motive within the anime they watch by the Jew to brainwash our kids, and anyone that watch this trash.

Good shit on the harms of anime on society, and white children today. We are certainly not protecting the future of white children by condoning anime, especially in natsoc communities. Weebs that claim to be natsoc are adding nothing to the cause by watching this harmful garbage and allowing it to overtake our children's lives.

Effects of anime on children, increasing anger, inducing violence, etc. (Lots of data and studies compiled)
Debunking hentai

Otakus, what they actually are. People that claim to be an otaku are claiming to be avid fanatics of anime, and claim to spend their entire life devoted to it, in traditional word meaning.

More meme-esque approach to debunking weebs, but it does an effective Job

Timeline of it's creation. It has always been used as propaganda, and a way to transfer information that the creator wishes to brainwash it's viewer with. Written by an "Otaku", don't pay attention to the 'WWW' section and below. This timeline lays a good foundation for its supposed history.

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this was from an earlier thread

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I want to give you this but come on. A copy-paste? You can do better than that

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I believe in you

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I wrote this a while back.

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unless you can prove against that, I suggest you read the articles

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have you read the article bud?

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Sorry, my friends invited me to play a game of Dota with them. But yeah, those are some next-level university-grade references you got there. Solid, unbiased evidence. I guess I agree with you on this one. Watching anime is a strong form of degeneration.

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this is a good start

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not vague

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Anime is shiet

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Anime is degenerative.

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anime is a cespool of degeneracy and autism

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both traits that i as an individual have

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@Deleted User I think he's an Ingush tho. And the white race was named after them, Caucasians for some reason.

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Why did you ping me>

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You called him a sandnigger

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make a muslim lgbt furry channel please

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