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2019-04-26 15:58:04 UTC  

Nah I just spent $45 and got a starter ship and both SC and SQ42 for one price, I have the patience of waiting till the ingame economy gets sorted to afford bigger ships ingame

2019-04-26 15:58:36 UTC  

biggest draw for me is SQ42, SC is with friends

2019-04-26 15:59:27 UTC  

STILL GET GOOSEPIMPLEY everytime I watch this trailer

2019-04-26 16:03:18 UTC  

1 Hour verticle slice of SQ42 gameplay

2019-04-26 17:23:01 UTC  

Always nice to watch a 6 year old trailer and still waiting

2019-04-26 17:24:49 UTC  

All I wanted was a modern Freelancer

2019-04-26 17:24:54 UTC  

But nooooo

2019-04-26 17:25:04 UTC  

Fuck those okes

2019-04-26 17:25:49 UTC  

Ran out of patience hey? 😂

2019-04-26 17:26:39 UTC  

Ja it's been a long wait for SC. But hey if they eventually deliver a finished product there won't be anything else like it.

2019-04-26 17:27:26 UTC  


2019-04-26 17:27:28 UTC  

Sheet man

2019-04-26 17:27:43 UTC  

My eyesight will be gone by that time

2019-04-26 17:28:34 UTC  

Freelance was soooo fuckin good

2019-04-26 17:28:46 UTC  

They could have just reskinned it

2019-04-26 17:30:07 UTC  

What happened to the Freelancer? I'm out of the loop

2019-04-26 17:31:50 UTC  

Freelancer was the game the dev made back in 2004

2019-04-26 17:32:04 UTC  

Was THE best space sim ever

2019-04-26 22:00:56 UTC  

Freelancer was the shit, but Chris Roberts is more famous for WingCommander

2019-04-26 22:01:27 UTC  

Dude SC is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than Freelancer though

2019-04-27 11:48:10 UTC

2019-04-28 09:12:51 UTC  

@MrBumbles hissssssssssss

2019-04-28 09:13:03 UTC  


2019-04-28 09:13:38 UTC  

Maar om jou beter te laat voel, ekt Freelancer fuckedup gespeel back in the day

2019-04-28 09:22:33 UTC  

Wou altyd by LAN's grind om Rheinland toe te mission vir n Valkyrie

2019-04-28 09:23:04 UTC  

alhoewel jou survival kaanse min is om in een stuk daar uit te kom

2019-04-28 09:35:46 UTC  
2019-04-28 13:29:16 UTC  

Jas daai valkyrie was die tits

2019-04-28 13:30:00 UTC  


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2019-04-28 13:31:39 UTC  
2019-04-28 13:31:59 UTC  

How does the wear and tear look?
Too much dirt?

2019-04-28 13:32:05 UTC

2019-04-28 13:32:41 UTC  

maybe a little too much wear on the orange

2019-04-28 13:33:22 UTC  

ye that's what I was thiinking

2019-04-28 13:33:59 UTC  

less is more, but less is more if its very strategic