Message from warmaster2143 in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #modeling

2019-03-14 19:46:14 UTC  

Not the army ones

2019-03-14 19:46:57 UTC  

He said the shittest job on a ratel was changing the diffs

2019-03-14 19:47:59 UTC  

I can imagine! I've been reading Eye of the Firestorm by Roland de Vries. (thick ass book) and he mentions the Tiffies on numerous occasions

2019-03-14 19:48:27 UTC  

Yeah on the Kwêvoëls

2019-03-14 19:49:25 UTC  

The Kwêvoël is going to be an absolute monster to model... I'm leaving it for last 😬

2019-03-14 19:50:03 UTC  

Ja good luck man 😁

2019-03-14 19:50:27 UTC  

Thanks! I'll need it.

2019-03-15 01:41:42 UTC  

@Kooijpolloi Looks like 101 Battalion used Casspirs as seen here

2019-03-15 01:41:54 UTC

2019-03-15 04:08:53 UTC  

Hmm nice

2019-03-15 04:09:38 UTC  

Incoming update on the Casspir in two mikes

2019-03-15 04:13:29 UTC  

Jirr did you sleep lol

2019-03-15 04:13:42 UTC  

Nope 😐

2019-03-15 04:14:14 UTC  

I model late at night. No distractions that way.... As my PC is in the lounge at the moment. Am going to move my PC into my bedroom soon

2019-03-15 04:14:30 UTC  

And also getting a new PC so I can finally move on from this potato.

2019-03-15 04:17:06 UTC  

hahaba he said potato

2019-03-15 04:17:22 UTC  


2019-03-15 04:18:29 UTC  

Hahaha nice

2019-03-15 04:18:47 UTC  

Im trying to get a job so i can get some fuckin internet again

2019-03-15 04:21:21 UTC  

Agh shame man. Good luck with that china.

2019-03-15 04:23:21 UTC  

lets give him an apple

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2019-03-15 04:24:21 UTC  

you have to laugh once a while

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2019-03-15 08:21:31 UTC  

@Springbok yeah the Kwêvoel is going to be hectic

2019-03-15 08:21:43 UTC  

But you can do iiiiitttttt😀

2019-03-15 08:53:00 UTC  

will we have guns on top or not

2019-03-15 12:11:32 UTC  

@Boomninja Yes there will be.

2019-03-15 12:28:10 UTC  

oky cool

2019-03-16 01:27:55 UTC  

@Boomninja You wanted to see whether weapons would be mounted on the Casspir? Well here is a taste. This is the M2a1 which'll be on there along with the M1919, FN MAG and a few others. Luckily I don't have to model most of them as they are already in Squad. Although the m1919 is in Post Scriptum... Not sure if I can use that in a Squad mod otherwise I'll just model my own m1919.

The shield will of course change as that is a modern version not seen on the Casspir