Message from Dr. NUGGETS in South African Border War: Operation Savannah #modeling

2019-03-28 02:54:28 UTC  

I'd like to match the different versions as best as I can so depending on the map and the Op it is set in the vehicles would match that year and thus model

2019-03-28 02:54:42 UTC  

That hump thing on top I think is close formation lights? Driving at night without lights?

2019-03-28 02:55:16 UTC  

Cool. The Mk-1 were evaluated in the actual war, so...

2019-03-28 02:56:59 UTC  

True well the idea is to include both the Mk I and the other variants albeit how accurate I'll get them is something I've yet to determine due to lack of information on the differences between all the Mks but I'll give it my best shot.

2019-03-28 03:02:10 UTC  

Cheers for the information @PetraCephas always great to learn more from you 😉

2019-03-30 04:50:18 UTC  

Another day, another bunch of renders!

Some decent progress on the Ratel today.

2019-03-30 04:50:19 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:21 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:22 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:24 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:25 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:26 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:28 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:29 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:31 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:32 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:34 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:35 UTC

2019-03-30 04:50:37 UTC

2019-03-30 07:39:41 UTC  


2019-03-30 08:31:49 UTC  

looking very nice

2019-03-31 00:27:43 UTC  

Anyone know what those "lids" are for at the top rear of the Ratel?

2019-03-31 00:28:29 UTC  

The rectangular shaped ones. That are on the top rear left side of the vehicle.

2019-03-31 02:17:56 UTC  

Little bit more progress today.

* Cut hole for the rear escape door.

* Added driver's window shields.

* Cut hole in bottom storage compartment below the side doors.

* Added base head lights.

* Added bulletproof glass to side viewports.

* Added bolts or knobs or whatever they are to the driver's front window frame, still lacking on the two side windows though.

* Cut hole for engine compartment ventilation and engine access area on the rear of the Ratel.

2019-03-31 02:25:23 UTC

2019-03-31 02:25:23 UTC

2019-03-31 02:25:25 UTC

2019-03-31 02:25:25 UTC

2019-03-31 02:25:26 UTC

2019-03-31 02:27:30 UTC

2019-03-31 02:27:31 UTC

2019-03-31 12:56:04 UTC

2019-03-31 12:56:06 UTC

2019-03-31 12:56:06 UTC

2019-03-31 12:56:57 UTC  

The hatch top left are the hatches to the engine compartment. I have includes and interior shot also.
Hope this helps?

2019-03-31 13:36:56 UTC  

@PetraCephas Excellent! Thank you so much. This will help a ton!

2019-04-02 04:00:19 UTC  

Another update on the Ratel.

* Switched out the turret for the 20mm just so I can get both the 20 and 90 at more or less the same progress level.

Worked a bit more on the interior. It's a bit of guess work at the moment as I only have a few angles of the interior of the ratel in my reference folder.

PS: The weird looking faces where the door opening and other openings are is because I forgot to triangulate the Ngon areas for marmoset. Marmoset freaks out with Ngons and does that weird stuff.

2019-04-02 04:00:20 UTC

2019-04-02 04:00:21 UTC

2019-04-02 04:00:22 UTC

2019-04-02 04:00:23 UTC