Message from Ilya Muromets in Southern Front #general

2017-08-05 03:28:45 UTC  

He needs to fucking die. How the fuck do you interview someone like that and not fucking kill him afterwards?

2017-08-05 03:29:07 UTC  

@here voice chat ya niggers

2017-08-05 03:29:46 UTC  

The interviews where Swedish or Norwegian or something it's worth a watch if you wanna trigger

2017-08-05 03:30:21 UTC  
2017-08-05 03:32:35 UTC  

@Chris TX if you don't get in here you're a nigger

2017-08-05 03:32:39 UTC  

don't be a nigger

2017-08-05 03:32:41 UTC  

@Eric TX Give me a few minutes, I'll pop my earbuds in and say hello.

2017-08-05 03:33:11 UTC  

Ayo hol' up...iz u sayin'...

2017-08-05 04:40:25 UTC

2017-08-05 06:02:18 UTC  

@everyone welcome our newest member , @ReekyHorror in FL. Welcome to Vanguard America!

2017-08-05 06:02:35 UTC  

Hello everyone!

2017-08-05 06:03:00 UTC  


2017-08-05 06:05:14 UTC  

Welcome aboard, buddy. @ReekyHorror

2017-08-05 06:06:29 UTC  


2017-08-05 06:08:53 UTC  

Hey another FL member!

2017-08-05 06:08:58 UTC  


2017-08-05 06:10:33 UTC  

Welcome @ReekyHorror

2017-08-05 06:23:42 UTC  


2017-08-05 06:58:09 UTC  

Chris go to sleep

2017-08-05 07:14:09 UTC  

@Tedium go to sleep

2017-08-05 07:15:00 UTC  

no u

2017-08-05 07:15:09 UTC  

you smell like nigger feet

2017-08-05 08:56:08 UTC  

im too triggered to sleep

2017-08-05 12:11:04 UTC  

Welcome, Florida fam!

2017-08-05 14:03:12 UTC

2017-08-05 14:03:40 UTC  

Personally, I'm looking forward to the Black Panther movie. The KANGZ crowd is going to chimp the fuck out. It's going to be hilarious.

2017-08-05 14:07:16 UTC  

what a disgusting mudshark

2017-08-05 14:07:52 UTC  

the gym whore.. shes gross

2017-08-05 14:16:16 UTC  

@caveatcanem meanwhile a "black lives matter", "black pride", or any other KANGZ type shit would be perfectly acceptable.

2017-08-05 14:22:17 UTC

2017-08-05 14:25:24 UTC  

@Chris TX certainly.. she mentioned white lives matter as being one of the shirts that offended her 🤔

2017-08-05 14:26:14 UTC  

the mudshark talks about (((raising a black family)) more like she stooped down to a black family

2017-08-05 14:57:37 UTC  

I had a mulatto compliment me on my White Lives Matter t-shirt. She said she thought all lives mattered. I told her they don't.

2017-08-05 15:14:30 UTC  

Did we lose that new guy already

2017-08-05 15:15:02 UTC  

Tried to send him a message says we're not on the same server

2017-08-05 15:23:47 UTC  

I think we did

2017-08-05 15:29:09 UTC  

Damn lol

2017-08-05 15:30:15 UTC  

Wtf you guys do to him lmao

2017-08-05 15:32:16 UTC  

I was looking for his tag lol wondering why he wasn't in the Florida chat and realized he's not on at all
But from the looks of it he didn't say anything makes me wonder what he was doing here in the first place