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2017-06-11 06:06:39 UTC

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Ohhh, he's saying he was choked out because he was wearing that flag?

2017-06-11 06:07:10 UTC  

That's my gf's dog, I didn't mean to send it but I'm not gonna delete it

2017-06-11 06:07:29 UTC  

Did you draw those eyebrows or Photoshop them?

2017-06-11 06:07:44 UTC  

Because he had it in general, idk if he was wearing it. She drew the eyebrows I think

2017-06-11 06:08:18 UTC  

@Riefen yes because if the flag and he was asking them why they are so cucked lol

2017-06-11 06:08:59 UTC  

Okay, so in the photo he's the guy getting choked out? And we need the guy choking him, right?

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Cool, just making sure there weren't more off-screen chokers and chokees

2017-06-11 09:59:52 UTC  

So did anyone ever get that faggot's number to set up a fight? Let's see if we can get him to show up to a training session and I'll slap him around.

2017-06-11 12:37:38 UTC  

Lol @ the guy trying to give his phone number. Dude looks like he would be gassed after a few punches throw. Gtfoh. I didn't actually know the oath keepers or wtfever were against people like us.

2017-06-11 12:38:10 UTC  

Well I should say, I wasn't aware there were conservative groups actively seeking out "Nazi bad guys"

2017-06-11 12:41:55 UTC  

TBH, only the "security team" and some of the other groups didn't want us there. Most of the other groups didn't care or were glad to see us.

2017-06-11 12:58:14 UTC  

Security team lol. The leader guy looks like he would be gassed after 15 seconds of cardio, but who am I to judge.

2017-06-11 13:45:24 UTC  

I was stopped several times earlier by people who recognized us and wanted to thank us for what we do. Two guys even left their group to stand with us.

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They legitimately hate themselves.

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That's hot

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@redskegg The security team "leader" is a multiple felon who is now being accused of cooking this whole thing up and stealing the money. They are eating themselves and it's glorious

2017-06-11 14:39:05 UTC  

They're honestly just as bad as Leftists.

2017-06-11 14:40:17 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan Going to shoot you a couple ideas for going forward.

2017-06-11 14:43:55 UTC  

A multiple felon, who would've thought. His overall demeanor and just aura speaks volumes about him. What a dick. The bearded DS guy you can tell just doesn't give a fuck what people think but is genuine about it. He made a good point about "if people accuse you of being X or X you own it because young people are attracted to strength etc" it's true.

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@everyone ^^^^^

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He's a fucking illegal

2017-06-11 16:44:46 UTC  

Let's deport his ass

2017-06-11 16:45:56 UTC  

If it gets known on 4chan good chance he will be deported

2017-06-11 16:46:04 UTC  

They ruin people

2017-06-11 16:47:03 UTC  

Hey I'm sure y'all already know this but if you happen to comment on a video or pic or anything about the rally, please don't point out who I am.

2017-06-11 16:47:22 UTC  

Will do