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2017-07-05 19:04:56 UTC  

They will come to the fence begging the white man and if it's not in our language they'll be shot

2017-07-05 19:05:15 UTC  

Put survivors in trucks

2017-07-05 19:05:25 UTC  

Fling them over the fence

2017-07-05 19:05:29 UTC  

The toothpaste and toothbrushes along with the toiletries all had locks on them that only a associate would open

2017-07-05 19:05:35 UTC  


2017-07-05 19:05:56 UTC  

If it was all white there would be no need for locks

2017-07-05 19:06:06 UTC  

No need for armed police

2017-07-05 19:06:18 UTC  

No need for big government

2017-07-05 19:06:18 UTC  

Orlando is the home of niggers and fags Mexicans all sorts of undesirables

2017-07-05 19:06:50 UTC  

We need more goys

2017-07-05 19:07:01 UTC  

Ethno-state libertarianism kek

2017-07-05 19:07:08 UTC  

This movement needs to be bigger

2017-07-05 19:07:22 UTC  

10 days left until poster day

2017-07-05 19:07:24 UTC  

@Kevin FL locks on fucking tooth brushes?

2017-07-05 19:07:46 UTC  

Poster an area near you and the next day you might have a buddy living in the same neighborhood

2017-07-05 19:08:15 UTC  

I can't believe locks on fucking toothbrushes

2017-07-05 19:08:44 UTC  

With the nigger, everything must be locked

2017-07-05 19:08:51 UTC  

That's why the Jew loves them here so much

2017-07-05 19:09:04 UTC  

They want everything behind a lock. Including our children

2017-07-05 19:09:30 UTC  

@Nathan TX yep same with south of here at the CVS and Walgreens

2017-07-05 19:09:57 UTC  


2017-07-05 19:11:58 UTC  

I saw this fat disgusting nigger lover at the gas station down there once she spent 200 on lottery tickets had to pick all sorts of them so I was stuck behind her and her halfbreed for at least 15 minutes she finally says and laughs this is my investment

2017-07-05 19:13:30 UTC  

Scratch off tickets I mean

2017-07-05 19:14:07 UTC  

She's doesn't know

2017-07-05 19:14:25 UTC  

And if she learns she'll likely be too far gone.

2017-07-05 19:14:41 UTC  

Once you're fat with a mixed kid it's too late

2017-07-05 19:15:29 UTC  

Nah she was nigged out fat had the nigger clothes on had dreads tattooed all over even had the ebonics down to a pin point

2017-07-05 19:15:59 UTC  

Jew prey from the beginning

2017-07-05 19:17:30 UTC  

She never stood a chance

2017-07-05 19:17:36 UTC  

The government raised her

2017-07-05 19:26:15 UTC  

@here Listen up Southrons. As you all know we are going after CNN. They are having a horrific month. Let's kick them while they are down. Intel Division is leading the charge.

2017-07-05 19:26:34 UTC  

I need a volunteer. Your task? Watch CNN for 2 hours (120 minutes) straight.

2017-07-05 19:26:51 UTC  

Compile a list of advertisers, and how many ads they took out total.

2017-07-05 19:27:09 UTC  

Anybody game to drink beer and watch CNN for 2 hours for the cause?

2017-07-05 19:28:47 UTC  

I got you

2017-07-05 19:28:56 UTC

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