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2017-07-16 05:26:08 UTC  

You can message everyone with the same color name as you, they're in Georgia

2017-07-16 05:26:24 UTC  

Talk to Donovan first

2017-07-16 05:26:32 UTC  

Not concerned about legal action so much as being condemned of the vandalism in the court of public opinion

2017-07-16 05:26:40 UTC  

People don't want to join a group of thugs imo

2017-07-16 05:26:50 UTC  

Good point

2017-07-16 05:26:58 UTC  

Not worried about it just mindful of crafting press and public opinion yeah

2017-07-16 05:28:23 UTC  

<@&327464792707301388> If anyone in Georgia is up for a protest, I'll be holding a 1 man Protest should you be interested in attending. I'm currently in Forsyth County Ga, you'll know me when you see me. If you're interested I'll be in the Town Center near the Cumming Fair Grounds, won't miss me.

2017-07-16 05:30:08 UTC  

<@&327464792707301388> around 11Am to about 5pm

2017-07-16 05:33:48 UTC

2017-07-16 05:34:16 UTC  

A quick doodle, thoughts?

2017-07-16 05:35:52 UTC  

How do you make this?

2017-07-16 05:36:12 UTC  


2017-07-16 05:36:18 UTC  

Thomas is magic

2017-07-16 05:36:29 UTC  

He's our resident Magical Nigger.

2017-07-16 05:37:29 UTC  

Shouldn't it be an eagle's talon grabbing those arrows because America creates the most badassed and political birds of prey?

2017-07-16 05:38:28 UTC  


2017-07-16 05:38:28 UTC  

Yeah but I kind of wanted to use a fist. White Man's Uprising.

2017-07-16 05:38:37 UTC  

And I already do stuff with eagles.

2017-07-16 05:38:43 UTC  

The arrows are obscuring the stars

2017-07-16 05:38:54 UTC  

The stars should obscure the arrows

2017-07-16 05:39:02 UTC  

Stars over arrows?

2017-07-16 05:39:20 UTC  

Using arrow fasces instead of literal axe fasces is good imo. Normies hate the axe fasces but love the arrow fasces

2017-07-16 05:39:39 UTC  

Screw what normies think, I like it.

2017-07-16 05:39:59 UTC  

I mean, if it's the basis for a poster it's great for that aspect

2017-07-16 05:40:07 UTC  

Aesthetic either way though

2017-07-16 05:40:19 UTC  

It's just a doodle, not sure if I'll use it for anything

2017-07-16 05:40:19 UTC  

Stars over arrows, bro

2017-07-16 05:40:25 UTC  


2017-07-16 05:40:56 UTC

2017-07-16 05:40:57 UTC  

Idk fam

2017-07-16 05:41:23 UTC  

That looks gross too, actually.

2017-07-16 05:41:31 UTC  

but less gross

2017-07-16 05:41:43 UTC  


2017-07-16 05:41:46 UTC  

I have it

2017-07-16 05:41:57 UTC  

It needs a tasteful grit

2017-07-16 05:42:31 UTC  

Tasteful grit comes at the end

2017-07-16 05:43:08 UTC  

At the tail end?

2017-07-16 05:43:19 UTC  

The badass eagle's tail end?

2017-07-16 05:43:47 UTC  

Goddamn I'm quick.

2017-07-16 05:44:02 UTC  

You should give me a raise for being so fucking funny.