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Hi, this channel is reserved for specific things you have learned today, not books. If you found something interesting and can copy it, post it here.

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Can I dump a bunch of interesting excerpts I read before this server existed?

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Please do!

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i would say dont drop them all at once or else i think a lot of people would scroll past.. drop like 1 or 2 a day

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That's a good idea

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I'll probably find more interesting excerpts in the future, so I'll just dump what I already have to get this started up.

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I have a picture to text app if you're interested

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It works extremely well

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What is the source?

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I'll check it out

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Or just say "Read Culture of Critique it's gud"

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I've been using it for a while

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@Deleted User White Identity by Jared Taylor

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@CarletonJ I tried another one in the past but it sucked. I'll give this a try later.

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I've been using it for over a year. I have so many things saved thanks to this app. Only needs minor editing

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Okay, that's all. If amyone wants a page number or source from the bibliography, message me and I'll try my best to find it.

2017-12-28 04:16:10 UTC  

One of my favorite paragraphs -

*"We believe that the obvious differences between racial groups are linked to gene variants that have recently increased in frequency and had major fitness effects. Blue eyes, found only in Europeans and their near neighbors, are the result of a new version of the DNA that controls the expression of OCA2 that has undergone strong selection, at least in Europe. Dry earwax is common in China and Korea, rare in Europe, unknown in Africa: The gene variant underlying dry earwax is the product of strong recent selection. We can confidently predict that many (perhaps most) as yet unexplained racial differences are also the product of recent selection. For example, we argue that the epicanthic eyelid fold found in the populations of northern Asia is most likely the product of strong and recent selection."*

- Cochran/Harpending (The 10,000 Year Explosion)

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Only a few chapters in, but so far a very interesting read

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Post something you've read that interests you! This channel is for content that you have read

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That’s an essay from Gregory Hood’s Waking up From the American Dream. This particular essay, as I was saying in <#393251613839589405> is a good one to turn normie-cons. It’s also a good one to draw arguments from in order to defend your positions

2017-12-29 00:06:10 UTC  

*"Millions have begun to feel like strangers in their own land. They recoil from a popular culture that is saturated with raw sex and trumpets hedonistic values. They see old holidays disappear and old heroes degraded. They see the art and artifacts of a glorious past removed from their museums and replaced by the depressing, the ugly, the abstract, the anti-American. They watch as books they cherished disappear from the schools they attended, to be replaced by authors and titles they never heard of. The moral code that they were raised to live by has been overthrown. The culture they grew up with is dying inside the country they grew up in."* - Patrick J. Buchanan (Death of the West)