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2019-08-02 12:45:42 UTC  

Good that you notice the alerts ;)

2019-08-03 11:36:33 UTC  


The NRM only allows Nords into the top positions.

2019-08-03 14:52:41 UTC  


2019-08-03 14:53:04 UTC  

Only nords or Europe in general ?

2019-08-03 18:04:34 UTC  

Of course we allow Bob from Mexico and Nigga from Somalia to be members, no.

2019-08-05 13:02:40 UTC  

Im an italian fascist

2019-08-05 13:02:55 UTC  

And coming to sweden is that enough?

The Netherlands is a hybrid Anglo German nation

2019-08-05 14:43:58 UTC  

It would be a nonsense not accepting other white people from central europe

2019-08-05 14:44:12 UTC  

And Netherlands is a nice country too

2019-08-05 14:44:19 UTC  

But I dont like drugs haha

2019-08-05 16:30:39 UTC  

many italians are basically sandniggers. why would you move to sweden?

2019-08-05 16:32:28 UTC  

if you were to race mix with swedes you are as much a enemy as the arab immigrants

2019-08-05 20:37:26 UTC  

πŸ‘€ πŸ’¦ πŸ’¦

2019-08-05 20:47:40 UTC  

If you live in nordics and are white, then yes you can join.

2019-08-09 21:59:50 UTC  

How is it going guys ?

2019-08-10 09:30:20 UTC  

Hail comrades

2019-08-10 09:34:07 UTC  


2019-08-10 11:32:33 UTC  
2019-08-12 19:25:19 UTC  

it says to create an account

You are hereby assigned to a reeducation camp with a 100% chance of success or all ashes back?

2019-08-15 09:44:54 UTC  

If you’re not Germanic or Nordic no sense in joining the NRM or even living up north

2019-08-15 09:45:10 UTC  

They’re explicitly ethnic nationalist movements

2019-08-15 09:45:16 UTC  

Not white nationalists

2019-08-15 09:46:03 UTC  

Intermixing sub racial groups takes away the point of having pride in one’s ethnicity and even loving one’s history and lore