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The New Zealand incident

Natsoc Pagan cowabungas New Zealand mosque while playing 3rd Reich era military Marches.

The manโ€™s name is Brenton Tarrant

Chan Threads


His last words

His manifesto
Video and manifesto
Password to access is: thoughtcrime

Manifesto again

Have to be white and natsoc

โ€œShhhhhโ€= Sieg Heil.

Anyone who shushes someone in public is actually using a secret white supremacist dog whistle for victory.

Silence is now a white construct bro

And putting a finger over your lips is code for silencing the Jews and showing that you both mutually"understand"

ANTIFA member doxx list

If youโ€™re not Germanic or Nordic no sense in joining the NRM or even living up north

Theyโ€™re explicitly ethnic nationalist movements

Not white nationalists

Intermixing sub racial groups takes away the point of having pride in oneโ€™s ethnicity and even loving oneโ€™s history and lore

Euromuttism is just as bad as race mixing

There is no Nordic if there is no exclusively Germanic/Nordic people

@Baxto 2.0 Hitler said National Socialism isnโ€™t for export

NS is ethnic nationalism also

Iโ€™m a pan ethnic nationalist and I think all the Germanic peoples should unite for a pan ethnic state

And that the boundaries once drawn for their countries should be retained but instead countries will be pronounced


Nordic identity is ethnic identity

You can be ethnically Nordic and live anywhere in the world

People cannot necessarily choose where they are born

But they should always in any case have a home if they are deserving of it

No matter where they are born

If their genes say they belong there then they do.

Thatโ€™s what Hitlerโ€™s point was, the Germanic people will not survive unless they become a united community of sacrifice

You can be Germanic and not Nordic, Vice versa

Which is why breeding programs were established

Doesnโ€™t mean you canโ€™t love a chick

It means that you have to find certain characteristics that will be favorable toward your children

@Baxto 2.0

Celts are Germanic, not the other way around

But they also have a completely different set of phenotypes and genetics

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