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2019-08-15 20:12:15 UTC  

Which is why breeding programs were established

2019-08-15 20:12:22 UTC  

Doesn’t mean you can’t love a chick

2019-08-15 20:12:43 UTC  

It means that you have to find certain characteristics that will be favorable toward your children

2019-08-15 20:27:54 UTC

2019-08-16 02:33:04 UTC  

"U have to be german"

2019-08-16 02:33:25 UTC  

Seems bullshit but ok

2019-08-16 04:05:52 UTC  

> I’m a pan ethnic nationalist and I think all the Germanic peoples should unite for a pan ethnic state

So you think Celts are not welcome there?

2019-08-16 10:04:58 UTC  

Its to make a point, germanics are celts. Reality is biological, not ethnic.

2019-08-16 10:14:24 UTC  

Sweden is an example of this in action even, to call all swedes the same ethnic group is ridiculous, the ""animosity"" can be seen and language differences are wild. Examples

Scanians arguably speak a dialect more different from official swedish, than norwegian is. Γ„lvdalingar speak old norse, and can communicate with icelandics. People in Tornedalen have more in common with finland than they do with most of sweden.

""Sweden"" is an arbitrary construct and we might as well just call it all nordic now that we dont operate based on monarchies any more.

2019-08-16 15:46:07 UTC  

Ye but u still have gay flags on busses

2019-08-16 15:46:16 UTC  

Here in Sweden

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2019-08-16 19:34:32 UTC  

Kinda creepy

2019-08-16 19:34:57 UTC  

Hope my journey here in Sweden won't be this shitty

2019-08-17 09:35:28 UTC  

@Baxto 2.0

Celts are Germanic, not the other way around

2019-08-17 09:40:03 UTC  

But they also have a completely different set of phenotypes and genetics

2019-08-17 13:29:07 UTC  

Not germanic, read history of PIE invasions

2019-08-18 20:47:55 UTC  

Lemon pie invasion

2019-08-19 18:29:21 UTC  


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Does someone have that site for custom stickers? Like all you needed to do was upload your design and order In bulk for cheap

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Thanks man