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2018-06-21 08:55:44 UTC  
2018-06-21 15:04:56 UTC  

@BlueImperium on summers they come from Bulgaria etc, beggar people. Then we have our gypsies which are little bit different.

2018-06-21 15:38:53 UTC  

One of them tried begging from me today, at first I just ignored it but she persisted so I shouted and gestured at her to fuck off

2018-06-21 15:39:27 UTC  

probably has more money than me smh let a nigga be

2018-06-21 15:41:03 UTC  

Do like those Ukrainian blokes did and fucking demolish Roma camps

2018-06-21 15:42:04 UTC  

I remember i met with some comrades and we stayed until 9 PM and i took bus home

2018-06-21 15:42:23 UTC  

The gypsies in Finland weren't too bad for me. It's definitely way worse in Sweden

2018-06-21 15:42:26 UTC  

A gipsy sat near me and i was keeping my hand on the pocket

2018-06-21 16:33:18 UTC  

Umeå, Sweden is riddled with gypsies.

2018-06-21 16:56:03 UTC  

Budapest is packed with gypsies.

2018-06-21 17:24:02 UTC  

@Exitus Finnish gypsies are comparably ok

2018-06-21 17:24:30 UTC  

I am acquainted with a local family, met them at court when like 8 of them were being tried <:spurdo:449290177446281217>

2018-06-21 17:24:36 UTC  

luckily helsinki isn't planet of the apes yet

2018-06-21 17:24:40 UTC  

also did sports with one of them

2018-06-21 17:25:12 UTC  

The freaks from the Balkans are worse, since they are "extroverted" while Finnish gypsies just stay to their own circles and other criminal circles

2018-06-21 17:26:02 UTC  

Had a part-gypsy coworker who was woke on the Holocaust and loved Saga and Pluton Svea

2018-06-21 17:29:16 UTC  

i'm actually seeing way more muds in budapest now then i did in helsinki

2018-06-21 17:29:24 UTC  

so much for orban

2018-06-21 18:27:18 UTC  

Really? Wow.

2018-06-21 19:49:51 UTC  

lots of turks it seems

2018-06-21 21:28:49 UTC  

2018-06-21 22:14:44 UTC  

actually yeah, gypsies here are extrovert as fuck

2018-06-21 22:14:51 UTC  

try to small talk with you very often

2018-06-21 22:15:25 UTC  

it's not rare to walk past a gypo and for him to go like "hey bro waddub" even though you've never met/ smelt him before

2018-06-21 22:15:45 UTC  

just pretending to be friendly so when the race war starts they can stab you in the back

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2018-06-22 02:30:40 UTC  

Orban’s the defender of Christian Europe. Didn’t you know?

2018-06-22 05:48:08 UTC  

@Exitus it is. It's zoo of Finland.

2018-06-22 09:14:12 UTC  

I used to hang back in the days with a guy who was a gypsie from Finland. They're straight up thugs. Aholes in general it seems like. Like this guy. He would always start trouble when he could. He stole money from a blind and mentally ill immigrant guy in his home once that we knew of. Tells you alot about these gypsies. And what they're made of.

2018-06-22 13:28:42 UTC  

@Deleted User go to the USA if you want to see planet of the apes <:shieeet:449290178050261002>

2018-06-22 13:29:24 UTC  

Mali is Finnish lebensraum

2018-06-22 13:29:53 UTC  

Sami niggas be like "Mongolia is Finnish territory"

2018-06-22 13:29:57 UTC  

<:spurdo:449290177446281217> <:shieeet:449290178050261002>

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2018-06-23 08:15:41 UTC  

"Finnish" gypsies are filth. But compared to the ones from Romania they're great. At least these ones make a priority to be clean and dress "well".

2018-06-23 08:29:20 UTC  

well means normal, right?

2018-06-23 08:29:28 UTC  

or at least close to being normal

2018-06-23 08:29:39 UTC  

No they dress in their own type of clothes

2018-06-23 08:29:44 UTC  

but they keep clean