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2018-05-23 19:32:42 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

2018-05-23 19:32:55 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Did someone say immigration

2018-05-24 09:21:56 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

that sounds even worse tbh

2018-05-24 09:22:08 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

oh wait this is general and not shitpost

2018-05-24 09:22:09 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-24 09:35:38 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

the only reason niggers have been a part of a functioning society is because of slavery tbh

2018-05-24 09:36:28 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-24 09:37:44 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

>let's have a highly developed city with huge skyscrapers and shit

2018-05-24 09:38:07 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

>let's also build it in the middle of a fucking mountain cause flat fields for big cities are inefficient and gay

2018-05-24 11:05:14 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

this is a "respecc wamen" server now

2018-05-24 11:56:22 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

yes, lord tunnis

2018-05-24 11:56:46 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

i know

2018-05-24 11:57:07 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

we had a common server but i forgot which

2018-05-24 11:57:13 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

probably iron legion

2018-05-24 11:57:41 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

yeah, iron legion, you kept posting in the kitchen

2018-05-24 15:14:03 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

yeah man just leave your house door unlocked and maybe even wide open

2018-05-24 15:14:07 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

what could possibly go wrong

2018-05-24 15:18:05 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

i think it was like that in bulgaria during communist times as well

2018-05-24 15:19:01 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

especially after that time when the gypsies kidnapped and murdered an army commander's pregnant daughter so he sent the army with the tanks to the ghetto

2018-05-24 15:19:44 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

a guy from my village recently got into prison for shooting at gypsies with his hunting rifle

2018-05-24 15:20:11 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

he hit 3 gypsies, one had pellets in his head and another one had it's cheek blown off

2018-05-24 15:20:17 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

and all of them survived anyway

2018-05-24 15:20:21 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

fuching wyverns

2018-05-24 15:20:34 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

well he went to jail, so..

2018-05-24 15:20:42 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

he probably reads siege

2018-05-24 15:21:27 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

i think yes

2018-05-24 15:21:45 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

as long as it doesnt count as "promoting fascist and antidemocratic ideas"

2018-05-24 15:21:55 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

give northern dobrudja faggot

2018-05-24 15:22:14 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-05-24 15:22:29 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

greece has enough

2018-05-24 15:22:41 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

the time of bulgarian constantinople(aka tsarigrad) has come

2018-05-24 15:22:50 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

what about western bulgaria

2018-05-24 15:24:05 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

this year at lukovmarch we had a macedonian organisation that supports the fact that they're just western bulgarians

2018-05-24 15:24:13 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

it's the first such organization to come to a bulgarian march

2018-05-24 15:25:30 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

also we recently had st. george's day, which is our "day of the bulgarian military and braveness" we had a macedonian detachment participate in the military parade

2018-05-24 15:26:00 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

for the first time in 3 years we got the mig-29s to fly at that parade as well and i almost cried when i saw them and our Mi-24s

2018-05-24 15:26:35 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

the 3 migs did some vertical spiral maneuver thing, so their engines were facing the crowd and it smelled like jet fuel, fucking amazing

2018-05-24 18:04:22 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  
2018-05-24 18:26:22 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

nice sperg

2018-05-24 18:27:36 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

why don't you add fucking vetting

2018-05-24 19:16:19 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-06-13 18:35:46 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

the one that you could put a swastika on your shield?

2018-06-21 22:14:44 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

actually yeah, gypsies here are extrovert as fuck

2018-06-21 22:14:51 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

try to small talk with you very often

2018-06-21 22:15:25 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

it's not rare to walk past a gypo and for him to go like "hey bro waddub" even though you've never met/ smelt him before

2018-06-21 22:15:45 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

just pretending to be friendly so when the race war starts they can stab you in the back

2018-06-27 21:48:16 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

heir himler :DDDDdddddd

2018-06-29 14:56:00 UTC [Nordic Frontier #music]  

fuck yeah

2018-06-29 14:56:06 UTC [Nordic Frontier #music]  

always love me some serbian turbo folk

2018-06-29 15:35:54 UTC [Nordic Frontier #music]  


2018-07-02 23:07:51 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

usa confirmed fascist

2018-07-02 23:07:52 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

thanks trump

2018-07-02 23:11:32 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]

2018-07-03 05:31:40 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

I was being sarcastic

2018-07-03 05:31:51 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Never had any illusions about him

2018-07-05 10:19:35 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

@BlueImperium are you autistic or just don't understand sarcasm

2018-07-05 10:19:45 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

which is a sort of autism

2018-07-05 10:20:36 UTC [Nordic Frontier #music]  

wanting help implies it's a bad thing

2018-07-05 10:21:02 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

i dont take orders from autists

2018-07-05 11:35:16 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

that's an autistic response

2018-07-05 11:48:36 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]

2018-07-05 11:50:09 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

man you have issues

2018-07-05 11:54:06 UTC [Nordic Frontier #music]  

hail santa

2018-07-05 12:15:17 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

did you just react your own message with "this tbh"

2018-07-05 12:16:05 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

also all fascist discords i've been in so far were pretty used of members just bashing and shitposting at each other so it's just a fun pass time

2018-07-05 12:16:21 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

we know we're not enemies here so most insults are meant to be taken as a shitpost of itself

2018-07-05 12:17:24 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

but someone seriously thinking that the guy above was serious about exterminating all women because "jews learned from them" was, mildly put, very weird

2018-07-05 19:25:41 UTC [Nordic Frontier #music]  

absurd is where it's at

2018-07-05 19:31:47 UTC [Nordic Frontier #music]  


2018-07-05 20:23:40 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

buy iPhones from the gypsies selling ones at the highway stops

2018-07-05 20:30:56 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

stolen iPhone replicas*

2018-07-05 22:34:36 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

how do you even confuse those lmao

2018-07-05 23:12:01 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

holy fuck that ass

2018-07-05 23:12:37 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

and those pussy lips 👌

2018-07-05 23:12:42 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  


2018-07-05 23:12:54 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]  

vucic's heir

2018-07-06 13:12:57 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2018-07-06 13:13:51 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

climbing a mountain naked in hale

2018-07-06 13:35:00 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

probably some fucking madman

2018-07-06 13:35:04 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

god i wish i knew one

2018-07-07 07:38:15 UTC [Nordic Frontier #shitposting]

2018-07-08 08:28:07 UTC [Nordic Frontier #music]  

"and one" are nice

2018-07-09 13:01:45 UTC [Nordic Frontier #music]  

o hell yeah

2018-07-09 17:08:33 UTC [Nordic Frontier #music]  

people said this pumps them up

2018-07-09 17:09:12 UTC [Nordic Frontier #news-tips]  

is this the one- punch man?

2018-09-10 14:36:12 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

that means a lot of swedes believe in democracy and I guess you can make your conclusions from that

2018-12-26 18:53:42 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

got im

2018-12-26 18:58:40 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

typical of pet autists, isnt it

2018-12-27 14:42:32 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

grug like cold place tribe

2018-12-27 14:42:53 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

cold place tribe fight big nose tribe

2018-12-31 22:59:20 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

Happy new year from Bulgaria and total sieg Heil

2019-01-03 19:10:41 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2019-01-03 21:59:09 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  


2019-01-03 22:06:49 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

that sounds like outright genocide and it's really depressing that your countrymen are okay with the thought of just dying out

2019-01-03 22:06:57 UTC [Nordic Frontier #general]  

thought I'm not saying genocide is bad

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