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Supporter of afs is possible support member for nrm. If this person will just hold on and dive deeper, person will find the truth

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Most of the people won't go full radical in one night

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nibba i voted nmr in the election

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How did you all get into national socialism

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@maddenjohn40 maddenjohn(02)

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You are 16?

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I got red pilled on 9/11 when I was 10 years old and watched "loose change" by Dylan Avery, there are better docs on 9/11 but not out at the time. I went deep into all *conspiracies* By the time I was 13-14 I was jewish aware.

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National Socialism is the end path for all Europeans seeking truth

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Har du ansökt om medlemskap då? @maddenjohn40

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I just turned 20 this month, been Nat soc probably 3 or 4 years

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I grew up in a pro SD family, then i found William Pierce's videos on youtube and got woke

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To sum it up

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my mom is socdem, my dad is boomer racist, I got woke when I started looking into what's going on in Europe, from there it was a slippery slope to alt-right, to national socialism because of the aesthetics to EH cultist National Socialism

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>NS because aesthetics

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I watched the golden one when he still promoted TGSNT so i watched that and realised the golden one is a fag lover

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Oh you mean that's what at first got you attracted to it

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@Deleted User I was pretty alt-right but liked the "f*shy" stuff

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then I started reading IM materials, Mein Kampf etc

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Since you yourself got here through the alt right pipeline let's not get crazy and say everybody but NRM is controlled op, alt right is a stepping stone to final, eternal, and natural truth and order

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And the Overton window fundamentally is about slowly making your people more racially aware one step at a time

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It depends, the alt right is bittersweet in a kind of way. It soaks up good people and makes them think they have the solution in front of themselves instead of just going full NS. But on the other hand it makes people leave the decaying conservative ideals and makes them go a bit more radical.

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We who care more about eternal truth and order than optics are the "frontiersmen" of this Overton window, the ones "farthest right". But as we trail blaze the alt right normalizes for mainstream society in our wake. And when I'm talking about waking our people up that's what I mean, not some non white with a Western nationality

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only the few get away from alt right

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A majority of alt right personalitys seem to be gay or have some jewish blood

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Emil Maurice was Jewish too

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The alt right lacks action or boots on the ground

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Very true

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the alt-right is impotent to make any real change

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It is essentially a internet movement

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they only talk

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The alt right needs to realize they are just an internet movement, and a fighter in the cultural war for sure, by not an IRL movement

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They have already realised it

2018-09-18 18:01:58 UTC  

Since they abandoned the idea of charlottesville