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only the few get through the alt right bullshit

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The overton window thing is a copout. If the idea is to move it to as far right as possible, the fastest and most effective way to do that is be as radical as possible. Look at Iraq for example: When ISIS came to the scene, it made Al-Qaida look positively quaint, organization that had been considered The Most Evil Group Ever.

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fucking discard it

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Just like National Action made every parlamentarian WN group look so harmless and bland.

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my man @Deleted User

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Hello goyims.

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A goy can never be a National Socialist - James Mason

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My apologies for purity spiralling

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Never apologize for purity spiraling, it is obligatory.

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Zero tolerance.

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A lot of the guys who are associated with the Liftwaffe podcast identify themselves as alt right

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And if you want to hear an extreme podcast, the war room was/is an alt right podcast by veterans. Marines and rangers talking about RaHoWa

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More well armed than any of us

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The 2024 us presidential election will be the spark that ignites racial and or civil war in America

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If you have not noticed they are rather close to a second civil war

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I sure fucking hope so

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I hope they have cells ready

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And SIEGE does not apply in Estonia. Sorry, but it simply does not. The culture of American "white nationalism" in the 80's and Estonia in 2018 simply cannot be compared

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White nationalists and the US fed gov (infinite in power and strength) have been at war for over a century

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Have they now?

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You can see in the American scene what happens when you lack of a solid ideological foundation. The AR big tent was set alight, a year after Cville TRS, DS, IE, TWP, all are at one another's throats, seems like there's none stop drama and people shitting on one another, and circlejerking about optics and getting nothing done. Anyone more radical than you is a fed, etc.

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The most resistance i saw was Mcveigh and Matthews

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Estonia's fed gov is so small just wake enough of the population to the point where you can have a march on tallin like Mussolini on Rome

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Why is it that burgers have the most freedom of speech, you could wave the swastika flag and scream for kikes to be gassed and there would be zero legal repercussions, but they're the least willing to utilize these freedoms.

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we have US troops in and russia behind our border

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"But give a coward ten pistols and if attacked he will not be able to fire a single shot. And so for him they are more worthless than a knotted stick for a courageous man." - AH

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no way you can mussiloni march to power here

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If Estonia was to turn nazi, then russia would have all the reasons for invading

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doing a McVeigh and Breivik are pretty good options tho

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In America the consequences of being known to care about the existence of white people are more dire than anywhere, especially Estonia

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"It will hurt the russian population"

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Siege is useful no matter where you live, naturally there are small national differences.

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Estonians have been at war with their government since like 1945

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