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2018-09-24 17:11:17 UTC  

Embrace the rage

2018-09-24 17:12:05 UTC  

@Deleted User Its just stupid, nobody wants to see it. + you are dumping the general chat.

2018-09-24 17:12:38 UTC  

Firstly you are the only one to complain, secondly general chat is pretty slow anyway.

2018-09-24 17:12:48 UTC  

Ignoring this does not mean it stops happening

2018-09-24 17:13:06 UTC  

Trying to ignore problems is what drug addicts and alcoholics do

2018-09-24 17:14:51 UTC  

2018-09-24 20:13:31 UTC  

@Deleted User we already know problems

2018-09-24 22:07:04 UTC  

Some nigger or sandnigger owns thor steinar

2018-09-24 22:07:25 UTC  
2018-09-24 22:07:58 UTC  

The brand was registered as a trademark by Axel Kopelke in October 2002 and was manufactured by Mediatex GmbH. In March 2009, Mediatex sold the brand to International Brands General Trading, a Dubai-based company.[2]

2018-09-24 22:08:30 UTC  

Mr. Faisal Al Zarooni

2018-09-24 22:08:38 UTC  

What the fuck

2018-09-24 22:09:44 UTC  

Why did they sell it off? I thought it was a woke clothing brand

2018-09-24 22:11:35 UTC  

Don't ask me

2018-09-24 22:11:42 UTC  

Shame because there’s a couple things on there that look alright

2018-09-24 22:11:44 UTC  

It lives on the brand image now

2018-09-24 23:42:41 UTC  

Oil money

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2018-09-25 13:22:31 UTC  

lol owned

2018-09-25 13:29:14 UTC

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what is that song playing in the background rn?

2018-09-26 13:10:46 UTC  

Look at this fucking meme

2018-09-26 14:56:46 UTC  


2018-09-26 15:28:45 UTC  

"support israel"

2018-09-26 15:28:51 UTC  

nigga what 😂

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<:shieeet:449290178050261002> <:shieeet:449290178050261002> <:shieeet:449290178050261002>

2018-09-26 18:02:14 UTC  

>israel is fighting YOUR war

2018-09-26 18:02:34 UTC  

without israel the war wouldve never started <:rockwell_think:449213130472423444>

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So this was my school...

2018-09-26 21:19:40 UTC  

Two of Galashiels Academy’s S6 students, Kirsty Ormiston and Cara Loughton have been given the opportunity to visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp on October 3rd. Usually offered to Advanced Higher History students, the trip is funded by the “Lessons from Auschwitz” Project that seek to educate students and to spread awareness of the Holocaust. The two students expressed that they are hoping to gain a wider knowledge of the camps history and are excited as well as grateful to have been given this opportunity.