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2019-02-18 00:46:07 UTC  

What's up boys

2019-02-18 00:46:36 UTC  

Last NRM guy I spoke to was Jackboot Shaman

2019-02-18 10:44:53 UTC  

@Achtung <:swas:449290177333035028> <:ss:449290177785888768>

2019-02-18 12:23:08 UTC  

Heil Hitler

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What advices can you give for a natove southern Arab who is anti Judeo cults religions (abrahamic), degeneracy, race-mixing and globalism and pro Arabic pagan sun and moon worship, nationalism, national socialism (One of the best ideologies in history, but only restricted to the Germanic identity and spirituality), to leave the Nordoc territories as soon as possible?

I'm 20 years old, I live in Sweden since 2011. I see how liberalism, feminism, globalism, finance and the lies told by Germany's enemies has sterilized and degenerated a large part of your tribes. The same way Judeo-Christianism and Islam did to my tribe and the other tribes in my native region 1000 years ago.

I love the Nordic way, nature and the mighty Germanic gods, but nothing of these are mine. I feel like a middle eastern wolf, since if you take the wolves of Yemen to Sweden, they will survive and even enjoy the company of native European wolves and the Nordic nature, but at the end the middle eastern wolves would realize that this territory is not their home.

2019-02-18 18:55:11 UTC  

Advices from dedicated national socialists, to a native Arab who admire racial purity (that barely exist in Yemen, I'm one of the few native southern Arabs in Yemen we are a minority over run, by Mullatos, Nigers, Persians and mongrels from the levant region), would be appreciated.

2019-02-18 18:56:47 UTC  

A lot of typos, but still.

2019-02-18 21:11:56 UTC  

You can work against jewish supremacy together with white people. In an ideal world the two peoples could live separately and in their own natural way. If you prove yourself in the struggle against the jewish supremacy, you will be regarded in a much more positive light and honor-citizenship may be granted at the discretion of a future state.

2019-02-19 00:31:51 UTC  

@Völkisch Arabic (NS) Tell the white people (and Arabs I guess, why not) you know about white replacement and globalism. Donate to NMR.

2019-02-19 04:03:01 UTC  

@Exitus , to be honest it would be easier with the Arabs that I know (not wannabe ghettos).

The whites that I know on the other hand are too naive to understand the situation in Europe. The nordic population is intelligent, strong and good looking but highly naive and not so politically woke.

2019-02-19 04:13:00 UTC  

<:heil:449290177316388874> <:nrm:449290177236434954> <:swas:449290177333035028> <:ss:449290177785888768> <:hang:449290175508512778> <:oyvey:449213130262708224>

2019-02-19 10:46:24 UTC  

Teach them, maybe they'll listen more to you than someone of their own. You can also contribute to us in other ways than money. You can write for Nordfront, you can discuss for our sake online. You can do journalistic research or digging or a binding stories anything that could be useful to us

2019-02-19 10:47:47 UTC  

If you prove your dedication you might be a part of us although not full member but it's all about trust and accepting your place within the movement

2019-02-19 15:13:58 UTC  

Based immigrant

2019-02-19 15:47:27 UTC  

The Chad NS Arab Pagan vs The Virgin SD Voter

2019-02-19 16:49:42 UTC  

Deport neger

2019-02-19 17:41:28 UTC  

Post music to <#449940337306370051>

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"Once you win the war"

2019-02-19 20:48:09 UTC  

just go home now

2019-02-19 20:48:19 UTC  

if you don't plan on doing something actively

2019-02-19 20:48:36 UTC  

although I rather see you here than some non NS shitskin

2019-02-19 20:57:06 UTC  


2019-02-19 20:57:32 UTC  

Your monocle SS fetishm is false

2019-02-19 20:58:16 UTC  

So how is calling a non-white a shitskin not NS?

2019-02-19 20:58:37 UTC  

or not up to your conception of NSDAP

2019-02-19 21:01:38 UTC  

So using epithets for you isn't NS because of that? RACE is above all else

2019-02-19 21:02:10 UTC  

You have the physical race, the spiritual race and character

2019-02-19 21:02:25 UTC  

all are intertwined yet not the same, but still connected

2019-02-19 21:02:35 UTC  

you shouldn't say you are a strasserist

2019-02-19 21:03:10 UTC  

if i wasnt white id have no clue what to do

2019-02-19 21:03:21 UTC  

leaving is a good start 🤷🏻

2019-02-19 21:03:27 UTC  

you don't understand, strasserists are more despised than most

2019-02-19 21:04:36 UTC  

what about baathists

2019-02-19 21:05:02 UTC  


2019-02-19 21:05:16 UTC  

none are true NS

2019-02-19 21:05:17 UTC  

but still