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2021-04-02 17:41:46 UTC  

I’m starting to think I may have too many sockets

2021-04-02 17:42:21 UTC  

That’s just in this cart

2021-04-02 17:44:08 UTC  

That's the way we do it in the south

2021-04-02 17:49:00 UTC  

“When Mr. Floyd was no longer offering up any resistance to the officers, they could have ended the restraint,” he said. “It would be reasonable to put a knee on someone’s neck until they were not resisting anymore, but it should stop when they are no longer combative.”

2021-04-02 17:49:20 UTC  

.....This is what may hang him out to dry....

2021-04-02 19:33:51 UTC  

U.S. Capitol police officer dies in vehicle attack at security barricade; suspect shot and killed

2021-04-02 19:45:43 UTC  

They said DC was returning to normalcy before this. I doubt it'll ever be normal any time soon

2021-04-02 19:47:40 UTC

2021-04-02 19:48:29 UTC  

There she flies in the wind. Best exit on I-75.

2021-04-02 21:10:04 UTC  

That story is full of SO MUCH BULLSHIT. Deadly insurrection? Officer murdered during the riots on the 6th? Etc etc.....what a crock of shit.

2021-04-02 21:18:15 UTC  

I was hoping they wouldn't say he was a patriot. He's definitely a terrorist

2021-04-02 21:21:56 UTC  

In this article, it claims he is a Muslim

2021-04-02 21:22:34 UTC  

So I guess now we will have to watch, antifa and Muslims

2021-04-02 23:12:29 UTC  

Missouri considering bill that would create armed ‘Minutemen’ volunteer force

2021-04-02 23:55:27 UTC  

Guys I won't be checking in tonight got a problem with one of the family members " not good say a Prayer " love you guys " guns up "

2021-04-02 23:56:07 UTC  

We'll say a prayer brother, no worries

2021-04-03 00:09:07 UTC  

Checking in guns up

2021-04-03 00:09:29 UTC  

Guns up!!

2021-04-03 00:21:04 UTC  

No fucking plantronics

2021-04-03 00:21:50 UTC  

Guns up family!!

2021-04-03 00:21:51 UTC  

My service cart is full of gun cleaning shit

2021-04-03 00:23:20 UTC  

Yeah I'm checking in to GUNS UP!! murican's

2021-04-03 00:23:46 UTC  

Grease Monkey OHSF checking in

2021-04-03 00:25:25 UTC  

Yeah and fuck that little gremlin that stold my Charging cable

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Chill dude, it'll be ok

2021-04-03 00:31:40 UTC  

Missing dinner with the family. Love y'all!! Have a great evening. 🇺🇸😘

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2021-04-03 00:33:36 UTC  

Well well well look who's back ...geesh idiot....

2021-04-03 00:36:28 UTC  

Guns up

2021-04-03 00:36:42 UTC