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2017-12-04 02:09:59 UTC  

Cracking a math problem? Practicing Latin? Splitting an atom? This room is a side spot you can pop into to go back and forth on your homework problems.

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2017-12-04 03:25:29 UTC  

I know there's a lot of smart people here so I'm sure we can help each other out!

2017-12-04 03:25:55 UTC  

In a past life I was a college math instructor and I still love the stuff so if there's anything in that area I can help with send me a ping!

2017-12-04 03:42:12 UTC  

Im an junior electrical engineering student, also available for homework help !

2017-12-04 05:16:00 UTC  

@givemetheafd Have you taken a signals and system class?

2017-12-04 17:02:40 UTC  

What is 10 x 10?

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2017-12-05 01:08:58 UTC  

I was a nuclear reactor operator. I can help with the splitting the atom questions.

2017-12-05 05:21:04 UTC  

Any college kids that need help writing any papers, I'm here to help!

2017-12-05 14:17:19 UTC  

@Deleted User i have taken signal processing, but not the junior level class yet

2017-12-06 01:38:49 UTC  

<@&387091385075105804> Everyone who has offered to help others in any academic area has received an AE (Academic Expert) role. So if you have a question (homework or otherwise) you can preface it with <@&387091385075105804> to get the attention of this group!

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2017-12-06 15:59:42 UTC  

Hey guys, just wanted to quickly introduce myself as someone you can go to for academic assistance. If you need help with history, humanities, literature, or writing feel free to reach out to me either on here or my DM's.

2017-12-11 18:09:23 UTC  

So, it's finals today and I have a problem. I had all A's this semester, and a lot of them dropped to B's, C's, and one F... I don't know what happened, but I feel like my brain has been fried this month, it seems so hard to focus on work and study like I used to at the beginning of the semester. What can I do?

2017-12-11 18:09:33 UTC  

Is this burnout?

2017-12-11 18:10:15 UTC  

@The Eternal Anglo Where are you studying?

2017-12-11 18:10:30 UTC  

As in, physical location. Are you near a computer or a laptop when studying?

2017-12-11 18:10:59 UTC  

I study at my home PC, in the master bedroom

2017-12-11 18:11:11 UTC  

All my classes require online attention

2017-12-11 18:11:19 UTC  

What subjects are you taking?

2017-12-11 18:11:41 UTC  

(in general)

2017-12-11 18:12:11 UTC  

Intermediate Algebra, Python, Microcomputer application (Microsoft applications) visual arts, and intermediate english