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2020-12-30 18:07:24 UTC  

Losing your state via fighting to the bitter end in the largest war in history vs losing your state via your leader obeying Ronald Regan

2020-12-30 18:07:26 UTC

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2020-12-30 18:08:00 UTC  

ur indian

2020-12-30 18:08:02 UTC  

seethe cringe cope dialate

2020-12-30 18:08:20 UTC  

you're a homosexual

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2020-12-30 18:08:24 UTC  

idk why anyone would stand the GDR if you arent russian

2020-12-30 18:08:26 UTC

2020-12-30 18:08:29 UTC  

literally a puppet state

2020-12-30 18:08:46 UTC  

why would you stand for the PRP?

2020-12-30 18:08:54 UTC  

what is the prp

2020-12-30 18:09:04 UTC  

Peoples republic of Poland

2020-12-30 18:09:19 UTC  

why would any pole stan russian satellite poland lol

2020-12-30 18:09:20 UTC  

Nigga why did you not just call it commie poland

2020-12-30 18:10:08 UTC  

MLs describing commie states like "ugh you don't know about the PRKSBCHRP?"

2020-12-30 18:10:20 UTC  

im not a staliniod

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2020-12-30 18:12:06 UTC  

"Unfortunate for the Eastern Germans in their drivel of Judeo-Bolshevik puppetry, starving day by day and being raped by NKVD Russians could not embrace the western German lifestyle of which outperformed the reds in every way possible. I pity those who couldn't march past the wall and join the glory of Germanic democracy backed by the glorious Americans, instead worshipping a failed cause that only 13 year olds in America still worship today."

2020-12-30 18:12:07 UTC  

because i called him indian

2020-12-30 18:12:24 UTC  

@Jacques de Chan cry about me mogging you

2020-12-30 18:12:45 UTC  

the british mogged u for 150 years

2020-12-30 18:12:54 UTC  

not really

2020-12-30 18:13:06 UTC  

my family benefited by massive land ownership

2020-12-30 18:13:48 UTC  

Call me when our nobility pays homage to your head of state

2020-12-30 18:14:18 UTC

2020-12-30 18:16:43 UTC  

Call me when your country has a national identity 🥱

2020-12-30 18:17:01 UTC  

Are you fucking kidding me

2020-12-30 18:17:08 UTC  

ur national identity is getting mogged by britain and claiming to be aryan

2020-12-30 18:17:41 UTC  

imagine coping so hard that you still think that Capitalist nation states give a shit about your history

2020-12-30 18:17:45 UTC  

and then defending them

2020-12-30 18:18:11 UTC  

Fight Fight Fight Fight

2020-12-30 18:18:20 UTC

2020-12-30 18:23:55 UTC  

@Erlik ᚯ after the Yugoslav civil war

2020-12-30 18:28:01 UTC  

hahahaa Welsh bad!

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2020-12-30 18:30:24 UTC  

Nowadays they are owning themselves more harder than Longshanks could ever do in 10 lifetimes