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2021-01-27 03:18:19 UTC  

they tricked the italian men

2021-01-27 03:18:28 UTC  

nope she is italia and she is personified as woman

2021-01-27 03:18:31 UTC  

they deserve big italian cock in their asses

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2021-01-27 03:18:38 UTC  

fuck that

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2021-01-27 03:19:23 UTC  

and in the second world war it was not "switching sides" it was a civil war because the gran consiglio voted no confidence and the germans had to seize control on behalf of mussolini

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2021-01-27 03:19:52 UTC  

big mess

2021-01-27 03:20:50 UTC  

yes it was a mess but at least this circumstance made it possible for otto skorzeny to glide into gran sasso to save mussolini which is history kino

2021-01-27 03:21:42 UTC  

yeah couldve been worse

2021-01-27 03:21:59 UTC  

i wouldve want to see the alpine fortress

2021-01-27 03:22:58 UTC  

well in a sense it was worst because the war was lost

2021-01-27 03:23:15 UTC  

but hitler decided to come here

2021-01-27 03:24:09 UTC  

> The landing at Campo Imperatore was in fact led by First Lieutenant von Berlepsch, commanded by Major Mors and under orders from General Student, all Fallschirmjäger officers; but Skorzeny stewarded the Italian leader right in front of the cameras.

2021-01-27 03:24:21 UTC  

skorzeny was so fucking cool lol

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2021-01-27 20:05:37 UTC  

Whats that a map of

2021-01-27 20:06:14 UTC  

Alternative history

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2021-01-27 20:30:47 UTC  

Spain and portugal with colonies?

2021-01-28 02:15:56 UTC  

fuck halder, all my niggas hate halder

2021-01-28 02:18:47 UTC  

u can see the battle of the seelow heights here

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2021-01-28 02:19:25 UTC  

i hate the word libtard but it's flashing like a neon sign in my mind's eye

2021-01-28 08:18:58 UTC  

@Deleted User Vaush is telling me to die in Stalingrad

2021-01-28 08:21:47 UTC  

@Deleted User Umberto Eco followed me in Twitter

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Will join vc in a secerino

2021-01-28 08:43:40 UTC  

They wanted to use nukes in Korean war @Deleted User

2021-01-28 08:48:52 UTC  

Didnt MacArthur had a plan to nuke N.Korean-Chinese border and was fired from army for that?

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2021-01-28 08:49:08 UTC  

thats so based i didnt even know that

2021-01-28 08:49:17 UTC  

MacArthur is favorite general again

2021-01-28 08:49:18 UTC  

one of the generals made a remark about the northern border on korea being so irradiated that the chinese couldn't cross through it

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2021-01-28 08:49:52 UTC  

I think that was also MacArthur

2021-01-28 08:49:59 UTC  

yes that was his entire plan

2021-01-28 08:52:09 UTC  

this is going in circles