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2021-01-08 23:11:05 UTC  

most of the music I listen to isn't allowed on youtube

2021-01-08 23:11:50 UTC  

ur indian tho

2021-01-08 23:15:44 UTC  

ur a mestizo

2021-01-08 23:15:45 UTC  


2021-01-08 23:28:52 UTC  


2021-01-08 23:28:56 UTC  

im not

2021-01-08 23:29:04 UTC  


2021-01-09 01:50:41 UTC  

ooh look at mister edgy man over here listening to banned music, so cool and mysterious

2021-01-09 01:52:19 UTC  

a) I'm female
b) nah I like racist music
c) not edgy

2021-01-09 01:52:37 UTC  

is ur whole personality being racist

2021-01-09 01:55:33 UTC  

Most of my music I can’t find on YouTube because it’s almost all on Bandcamp outside of classical <:soyjak:797260561909153802>

2021-01-09 02:07:09 UTC  

As long as you dont listen to rap especially nigger rap then ur coherent

2021-01-09 02:07:16 UTC  

Unlike everyone else here lmao

2021-01-09 02:10:50 UTC  
2021-01-09 02:11:33 UTC  

Are you 2 a couple?

2021-01-09 02:22:35 UTC  

dont listen to em gurll yo intelligent takes are highly appreciated... btw how big yo ass

2021-01-09 02:28:39 UTC  

Well ur obviously a woman if ur gonna be this retarded

2021-01-09 02:49:28 UTC  

dont listen to em gurll yo intelligent takes are highly appreciated... btw how big yo ass

2021-01-09 05:19:45 UTC  

Bruv who cares

2021-01-09 05:41:34 UTC  

Many men, wish death upon me

2021-01-09 05:41:45 UTC  

Blood in my eye dog and I can't see

2021-01-09 05:41:55 UTC  

I'm trying to be what I'm destined to be

2021-01-09 05:42:03 UTC  

And niggas trying to take my life away

2021-01-09 05:45:13 UTC  


2021-01-09 06:28:02 UTC  

can u stop shitting up this chat with how much u don’t like the music nobody cares at all

2021-01-09 07:17:52 UTC  


2021-01-09 07:31:22 UTC  

so be it

2021-01-09 07:31:44 UTC only acceptable rapper

2021-01-09 07:34:40 UTC  

Tfw when u get bantered

2021-01-09 07:34:53 UTC  


2021-01-09 07:36:01 UTC  

Nigga nigga

2021-01-09 07:36:09 UTC  

Im a rapper now

2021-01-09 07:37:11 UTC  

retard take imo

2021-01-09 07:42:31 UTC  


2021-01-09 07:43:58 UTC  

"The unwise man weens all who smile
and flatter him are his friends;
but when he shall come into court he shall find
there are few to defend his cause."

"Long is the round to a false friend leading,
e'en if he dwell on the way:
but though far off fared, to a faithful friend
straight are the roads and short."

“The last faithful person is considered a traitor to all others”

Same poetic essence
Rap is the preservation of the Aryan poetic tradition.

2021-01-09 07:44:29 UTC  


2021-01-09 07:44:56 UTC  

I have no appreciation for nigger culture imported from the US 3 years ago

2021-01-09 07:45:08 UTC  

niggers stole it from the irish

2021-01-09 07:45:16 UTC  

Dont care

2021-01-09 07:45:25 UTC  

Its obviously black