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2021-02-21 22:23:56 UTC  

What if Joe Biden is China !

2021-02-21 22:24:10 UTC  

even tho its kinda a neocon meme

2021-02-21 22:24:16 UTC  

china does actually want to subvert america

2021-02-21 22:24:27 UTC  

not like i really care tho at this point, fuck the oligarchs

2021-02-21 22:24:53 UTC  

they made this monster, so afaic its the chicken coming home to roost

2021-02-23 02:32:06 UTC

2021-02-24 03:11:11 UTC  

This video is by a liberal. I don't really understand what he is trying to say. Anyone take a shot at it?

2021-02-24 19:06:04 UTC

2021-02-24 19:30:13 UTC

2021-02-26 12:50:31 UTC  
2021-02-26 12:52:45 UTC  

i thought the beginning was quite interessting. but as soon as they start to talk how homosexuals can be part of a fashist regime it gets boring

2021-02-26 12:53:10 UTC  

what do you think about this guy? you know who he is?

2021-02-26 12:53:35 UTC  

he mentioned schmitt

2021-02-26 13:33:20 UTC  

vaush is a dickhead, he seems to deliberately make videos shitting popular people just to piss people off
i dont think ive ever seen a video of his with more likes than dislikes

2021-02-26 15:07:17 UTC  

i want to kill myself

2021-02-26 15:08:14 UTC  


2021-02-26 15:09:12 UTC  

dachte ich mir dass das video einen jeden von euch triggern würde

2021-02-26 15:09:19 UTC  

gigachad vaush prolly destroyed him

2021-02-26 15:11:13 UTC  

ah, ups, english server. I thought that this video would trigger all of you

2021-02-26 15:11:51 UTC  

nah we love vaush

2021-02-26 15:11:53 UTC  

Ah, ups, english server.

2021-02-26 15:12:00 UTC  

I don't @oistoy

2021-02-26 15:12:16 UTC  

debate him

2021-02-26 15:12:27 UTC  


2021-02-26 15:12:52 UTC  

<:tuxpepe:795758710890299464> <:damaged:795724932729405451>

2021-02-26 15:13:30 UTC

2021-02-26 17:12:12 UTC  

^ that better not be a trap

2021-02-26 17:12:40 UTC  

I’ve seen that and Vaush needs to be hanged unironically

2021-02-26 17:13:22 UTC  

He dunks on his enemies, so based?

2021-02-26 17:13:36 UTC  


2021-02-26 17:14:31 UTC  

How? Lol he has retarded takes and thinks he’s more knowledgeable when in reality he gets his info from government websites, Wikipedia, and his pedo discord server

2021-02-26 20:23:09 UTC  

Probably of interest to ppl on this server

2021-02-26 21:00:26 UTC  

Anyone here watch Keith Woods or know Bernardo Kastrup?