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2021-01-03 19:05:33 UTC

2021-01-03 19:08:54 UTC  

one correct take vaush has

2021-01-03 19:09:26 UTC  

is that the extremely politically opinionated people are most likely to be mentally ill social rejects

2021-01-03 19:09:36 UTC  

what the fuck is wrong with his ear lobes

2021-01-03 19:09:39 UTC  

from both left and right

2021-01-03 19:10:00 UTC  

funny watching him observe it on the left

2021-01-03 19:10:25 UTC  

there was some schizo racist guy who DM'd him for a year with no replies, some people are just mentally deranged

2021-01-03 19:10:54 UTC  

this is gonna be horrible lmfao

2021-01-03 19:11:06 UTC  

cant wait

2021-01-03 19:11:21 UTC  

Hakkim argues in very bad faith

2021-01-03 19:11:28 UTC  

And he is a fan of Sakai

2021-01-03 19:12:04 UTC  

Who even are these people

2021-01-03 19:12:20 UTC  

Hakkim is not a Marxist

2021-01-03 19:12:24 UTC  

gee would be really embarrassing if a liberal owned him!

2021-01-03 19:12:29 UTC  

what does degenerate even mean anymore when Vaush uses it. complete meme word

2021-01-03 19:12:39 UTC  

He is a wierd thrid worldist brown ethnonationalist

2021-01-03 19:12:42 UTC  

wait how is he not a marxist just curious

2021-01-03 19:12:44 UTC  


2021-01-03 19:13:01 UTC  

He believes in "stolen land"

2021-01-03 19:13:15 UTC  

red liberal spotted

2021-01-03 19:13:19 UTC  


2021-01-03 19:13:24 UTC  

And in ethnic self determination for "oppressed peoples"

2021-01-03 19:14:39 UTC  

He even said that white people should not impose Marxism on oppressed peoples

2021-01-03 19:14:58 UTC  


2021-01-03 19:15:12 UTC  

And that native Americans and African Americans should manage their own affairs and manage their own system of government

2021-01-03 19:17:40 UTC  

where is he from originally? his parents or whatever gen moved to America

2021-01-03 19:19:06 UTC  

All marxist crap

2021-01-03 19:19:07 UTC  

Who cares

2021-01-03 19:21:13 UTC  

he is from iraq

2021-01-03 19:24:19 UTC  

Lol ok I will debate him

2021-01-03 19:24:34 UTC  

Someone link me his socials

2021-01-03 19:25:11 UTC  

Is America dead already?

2021-01-03 19:25:25 UTC  

u could probably find him in finbol's server

2021-01-03 19:25:44 UTC  

idk if he often uses discord tho

2021-01-03 19:26:02 UTC  

and there are no debates on his channel

2021-01-03 19:26:29 UTC  

Dunno I will debate him here

2021-01-03 19:26:40 UTC  

@oistoy give me any of his socials

2021-01-03 19:27:51 UTC  

It has been for the last few decades or so, and even before the 1900’s, so yes.

2021-01-03 19:29:17 UTC  

DM him woland

2021-01-03 19:30:52 UTC  

Oh we are of same proffesion