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2021-01-09 21:23:03 UTC  

of course it is

2021-01-09 21:23:13 UTC  

Blumpf supporters gobbling up gook propaganda harder than adult hookers gobbling Hunter's load

2021-01-09 21:23:16 UTC  

any antagonism the better, plus china is already alienating russia

2021-01-09 21:23:23 UTC  

they literally cannot function with an ally

2021-01-09 21:24:12 UTC  

yall racists aint ready fo this conversation 😂

2021-01-09 21:24:59 UTC  

China, Russia or neither?

2021-01-09 21:25:40 UTC  

@Holo Spice It would have been far easier to fuck over Russia with China

2021-01-09 21:26:05 UTC  

cuz China is already in decline while Russia is really weak but if you allow any geopolitical opening they will use it

2021-01-09 21:26:29 UTC  

What makes you think China is in the decline?

2021-01-09 21:27:07 UTC  

russia does not need to be fucked over

2021-01-09 21:27:15 UTC  

i actually support using them as a counterweight

2021-01-09 21:27:26 UTC  

they are defanged and can be used as a hypothetical ally even

2021-01-09 21:27:31 UTC  

china is the biggest threat on the planet rn

2021-01-09 21:27:39 UTC  

why do u think so?

2021-01-09 21:27:41 UTC  

and russia, while cordial with them for now, is growing anxious

2021-01-09 21:27:57 UTC  

Defanged only for now, they however aim to regain their former status

2021-01-09 21:27:59 UTC  


2021-01-09 21:28:10 UTC  

they will not regain anywhere close the influence they once had

2021-01-09 21:28:16 UTC  

they are also on the decline militarily

2021-01-09 21:28:26 UTC  

china now outdoes them in many areas of military tech

2021-01-09 21:28:28 UTC  


2021-01-09 21:28:38 UTC  

I too have seen Caspian report

2021-01-09 21:28:48 UTC  

and hes correct, but ive been saygn this for months

2021-01-09 21:29:06 UTC  

But what Russia has is future potential that climate change brings

2021-01-09 21:29:32 UTC  

god no

2021-01-09 21:29:43 UTC  

shorter shipping routes =/= return to the old days

2021-01-09 21:30:02 UTC  

russia is stuck where they are

2021-01-09 21:30:18 UTC  

Russia's priority is not superior military but creation of superior infrastructure which would fix Russian problem in the far east

2021-01-09 21:30:19 UTC  

their influence will be contained to their neighbors and central asia

2021-01-09 21:30:29 UTC  

how would that fix their problem in the far east

2021-01-09 21:31:31 UTC  

Problem is that due to inferior connection to Siberia and overall isolation there they can't properly use all of Siberian natural resources and counter Chinese national growth there

2021-01-09 21:31:50 UTC  


2021-01-09 21:31:57 UTC  

that is in no way an issue lol

2021-01-09 21:31:59 UTC  

Vc anyone??

2021-01-09 21:32:08 UTC  

not one preventing them from exerting influence

2021-01-09 21:32:11 UTC  

Russian state historically due to its size always had problems with its frontier regions

2021-01-09 21:32:25 UTC  

that isnt an issue preventing them from being a great power lol

2021-01-09 21:32:42 UTC  

it just causes some unrest/innefficiency

2021-01-09 21:32:51 UTC  

china will always be more influential in the far east

2021-01-09 21:32:58 UTC  

and have much more power concentrated their

2021-01-09 21:33:42 UTC  

Ya but it is a problem that could fuck them over. Of course they can't be great power due to current geopolitical blocks but Russian strategy is about maintaining its regional power until in some time period opportunities occur that would allow their expansion