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2021-01-10 02:16:45 UTC  

I'm not totally a CivNat but mostly yes, because if a Black guy has Italian citizenship, is born in Italy and speaks our dialects, that guy is basically Italian like everyone else

2021-01-10 02:17:13 UTC  

is that rly what most italians believe

2021-01-10 02:17:30 UTC  

There are a lot of black people who are born and live in Italy and behave like us white Italians

2021-01-10 02:17:38 UTC  

Idk lol

2021-01-10 02:17:53 UTC  

" if a Black guy has Italian citizenship, is born in Italy and speaks our dialects"
as opposed to what???
nigga grew up in italy ofc he's gonna speak the language along with whatever dialect

2021-01-10 02:18:03 UTC  


2021-01-10 02:18:16 UTC  

Therefore he's Italian :> @oistoy

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2021-01-10 02:18:45 UTC  

Why is Italy one of the most racist countries in Europe then

2021-01-10 02:19:01 UTC  

lol what a meaningless thing

2021-01-10 02:19:17 UTC  

why I should have the same idea as the Majority?

2021-01-10 02:19:19 UTC  

italy cant be reduced to the language and growing in the country

2021-01-10 02:19:26 UTC  

I'm talking about my idea

2021-01-10 02:19:30 UTC  

he is still black, not italian

2021-01-10 02:19:39 UTC  

Not what the majority believes

2021-01-10 02:19:51 UTC  

Ik ik

2021-01-10 02:20:09 UTC  

National identity is important

2021-01-10 02:20:20 UTC  

damn just a coincidence that racist attitudes are more prevalent in colorful countries

2021-01-10 02:20:29 UTC  

What if he's surrounded by italian culture and loves it and participates in it

2021-01-10 02:20:37 UTC  

yes and it isnt reduced to language or culture lol. italian people arent fucking black

2021-01-10 02:20:41 UTC  

This btw

2021-01-10 02:20:47 UTC  

Quit being this retarded

2021-01-10 02:20:49 UTC  

then he is surrounded by italian culture and loves it

2021-01-10 02:20:52 UTC  

what is your point

2021-01-10 02:20:52 UTC  

Black italian men arent italian

2021-01-10 02:20:55 UTC  

They are african

2021-01-10 02:20:56 UTC  

And he's italian

2021-01-10 02:20:56 UTC  

he's still not italian

2021-01-10 02:21:03 UTC  

what do you think italian is

2021-01-10 02:21:10 UTC  

This makes me feel bad for my ethnicity now

2021-01-10 02:21:11 UTC  

why do youi think black people suffere discrimination in italy

2021-01-10 02:21:13 UTC  

Fettuccini alfredo, my homie

2021-01-10 02:21:14 UTC  

anyone can appreciate italian culture
If I appreciated chinese culture, would han chinese ppl view me as one of their own? obviously no

2021-01-10 02:21:14 UTC  

Meds are retarded sometimes

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2021-01-10 02:21:55 UTC  

Nationalism isn't based on "cultural preservation"
the ppl don't exist to preserve the culture

2021-01-10 02:21:58 UTC  

other way around

2021-01-10 02:21:59 UTC  

They might don't be Italian ethnically, but they they're culturally civil Italiana

2021-01-10 02:22:06 UTC  

The thing is

2021-01-10 02:22:18 UTC  

I love you my lil italian person, chicken carbonara fo reals

2021-01-10 02:22:37 UTC  

Basing Nationalism only on Ethics is stupid