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How can you be Med if you come from America? @slavecaste

I'm not totally a CivNat but mostly yes, because if a Black guy has Italian citizenship, is born in Italy and speaks our dialects, that guy is basically Italian like everyone else

There are a lot of black people who are born and live in Italy and behave like us white Italians

Therefore he's Italian :> @oistoy

why I should have the same idea as the Majority?

I'm talking about my idea

Not what the majority believes

National identity is important

This btw

They might don't be Italian ethnically, but they they're culturally civil Italiana

The thing is

Basing Nationalism only on Ethics is stupid

I'm not black

Thanks lol

Because Nationalism is more than "Muh Race"

Nationalism includes race

But it can't just be race

Ik, that's kinda sad ngl

Because I'm a CivNat :>

Never thought about that

It wasn't porn nigga

It was Slav Michiru

I hate Israel

Not because of that

Also because of that

Israel exists only because of a stupid religion

And nothing I don't enjoy that

Hi <:SataniaCoolSunglasses:607204076433702912>

Why are you sad?

Rate my Italy c:

It's not a game

It's Mapchart

Well I don't <:megachad:694182068317585518>

It's not

I just wanted to do something

A country

Oh I got it too



Wow that's me

Lmao that's kinda sad

I hate women

Man I don't want to debate

Also wtf I'm a guy

Andrea is unisex in Italy

Lol this nigga thinks he knows Italy better than a Italian living in Italy

Get a load of this guy

I literally have a dick

Chad behavior tho

Well I'm not you lol

79 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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