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Wait do you guys really not allow women here

Whaaaat I came here to get wrecked

No, I look like Danny Devito irl bruh but I'm good with it

Pressed a wrong button by accident

I can face cam you if that makes you feel better

I'm on my phone at work

Accidentally pressed the call button

What's 11th of January

Yeah but what's happening then


Shut uuuuup lmao


I'm of Indian origin, rather

I'm American

So I don't like to do labels because I go topic by topic, but I'm like a left libertarian I guess

Why what

Yeah I'm waiting for a king to show me the light

Not into authoritarianism

Occasionally. He can be cringe sometimes.

I don't like the idea of one entity dictating how I live my life

My most important value is liberty, bro. Can't really explain that I guess.

Who says I'm into that either

I just want whatever governs me to be pretty hands off

Like I said I don't like political labels, I go on a topic by topic basis

I'm into consensual participation in those things.

And the ability to not participate.

If I voluntarily join a group and decide their rules with for me then it's fine, but I don't like getting forced into anything

But I am on my phone at work so I can't really go into this at length

There'll always be hierarchy, and that's fine, but voluntary participation would be nice. It's not something I expect to see in my lifetime but it's something I'd like to imagine we achieve later.

Oh shit gtg

Voluntary participation my dude

You can participate in capitalism if y like

No thanks buddy

Ok bye

I haven't ironed out everything

I go topic by topic by dude

I'm cringe

Ok fr I gotta go

You guys are fun

I'll be okay thanks

Don't link my YouTube here

Take it off

No I'm not Jewish

I know my nose looks big but I promise


I'm laughing so hard stop

I know I'm cringe



replace with black

who is that

byyye reginald

thx for the talk

Why did I get tagged here

Oh nvm saw it was here tag

Anyone wanna yell at each other in vc later, looking for something fun to do at night

I don't really think I'll argue with you on that, I'll just agree

Looking for a fun fight

Sounds good, I'll be on in like two hours if you're still on

I'm not black I'm brown


What if he's surrounded by italian culture and loves it and participates in it

And he's italian

Fettuccini alfredo, my homie

I love you my lil italian person, chicken carbonara fo reals

Thus, native Americans and polish americans

join vc

anyone wanna hang

90 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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