Message from Lucilomar - FL in Southern Front #general

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whats the website name?

2017-09-07 10:51:29 UTC  

@Pale Horse - FL We have been aware of that. The chat logs were released to unicorn riot. They have months of conversations. It was the general chat not the leadership though so they got very little in the way of planning or infrastructure

2017-09-07 11:00:07 UTC  

@Pale Horse - FL if you have new info DM me. I have direct comms with pretty much everybody.

2017-09-07 14:15:13 UTC  

@Pale Horse - FL Sorry bro. Best I can do. 🏆

2017-09-07 14:16:10 UTC  

You found anyone>

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@Lathan_TX that's really interesting. Low key wanted to be an archaeologist for a long time. It convinces me more and more that life way back in the day was like a Tolkien novel and we are now deep into the age of man

2017-09-07 19:01:02 UTC  

Double confirmed, the smooth playa dindu nuffinz!

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@everyone just heard from the news there's a possibility of it heading straight up Florida that is why it is imperative you are all at the meeting tonight we can take advice from the Texas community also

2017-09-07 21:50:43 UTC  

Ooohhh boy we gonna get hit by the hurticane

2017-09-07 21:51:08 UTC  

I'll be at the meeting tonight for sure

2017-09-07 21:51:37 UTC  

Yeah, guys. If you're near the southern coast gtfo.

2017-09-07 21:51:46 UTC  

We are regardless it's just Damage control noa

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I'm in west Florida so idk if I'm really gonna get it too bad

2017-09-07 21:53:30 UTC  

If I do

2017-09-07 21:53:44 UTC  

Bring it nature I guess is all I can say

2017-09-07 21:54:28 UTC  

Evacuation at this point is not a good idea since gas stations for the next 100-200 miles north are out of gas according to my irls who are evac-ing

2017-09-07 22:01:14 UTC  

Yep everyone is out here also I hear highways are jammed too

2017-09-07 23:56:15 UTC  

<@&327489067526651905> is everyone ready 5 minutes till chat

2017-09-08 00:28:44 UTC  

Okay so the current problem is NOAA can not deviate from the original path due to legal reasons and shit
There are some new projections that take it up the center of Florida
That depends on tonight and it's turn it makes so prepare for that

2017-09-08 00:29:42 UTC  

Everyone see that ?

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As of now it's moved back to the middle check

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So yea we need to keep a eye on that keys turn because that will define more or less where it goes

2017-09-08 00:35:37 UTC  

I don't believe it's going to move anymore to the west unfortunately so I called this meeting to mKe sure everyone was prepared if anyone needs anything my doors and supplies are open to you provided we bunker through

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There it is ^