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Welcome to the electrical channel. To start this off i did a service change yesterday for a semi flush 100A panel. The panel was a zynsco (notorious fire hazards) for an eaton. The exterior was stucco and the interior is wood studs.

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The autists will notice labels. Those are to signify opposite phasing

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As someone whose limits are installing ceiling fans this is terrifying

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this is my newest apprentice

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@Deleted User you get used to it. I did this live. The transmission lines were not turned off.

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Come Monday i will be changing the condenser (outdoor) and the evaporate coil (inside attic). I guess ill be sharing that in here or another channel

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If anyone has any questions about electrical or HVAC im here to help.

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Hello i'm a 30+ yr master electrician and general do it yourselfer. Happy to help you guys out anytime

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thanks man, this'll make it 10 times easier to see the good info

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Roger that

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In a few hours ill have new content

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I came home from work day before yesterday and found a house very hot even though the air conditioner was set to be running. Upon looking at the outside unit I found it humming but neither the compressor nor the circulating fan running. The humming of the motor indicated to me that it was trying to run but was having difficulty doing so. I killed the power and opened up the control side and checked the capacitor. I found it it was swollen and out of shape which is an indicator that it is bad. Sometimes they were rupture other times they will look fine although they are bad. If it is not physically altered you may have to take it to a air conditioning supply house to have it checked for you. The capacitor cost me approximately $18 and is quite simple to change out. And could save you quite a bit of money on a service call and mark up from an HVAC contractor

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This is a picture of the new capacitor installed if you will notice it isn't swollen

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The capacitor is a component that helps the motors to start and run efficiently

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