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2017-05-29 04:02:18 UTC  

June 11th

2017-05-30 04:58:27 UTC  

@apple.OK @Chris7577TX @Bad Company @Clint - OK <@282730968891260928> @Brick-OK(Brandon) @rhus

Let's have as many of y'all come down to Houston as possible, we could meet up in DFW and do a convoy/carpool if that could help anyone.

2017-05-30 04:59:50 UTC  

If you have the desire to come, you can make it happen and we will help.

2017-05-30 05:00:38 UTC  

Already getting it together here. My car will be in the shop until the 20th but I am willing to donate GAS money.

2017-05-30 05:01:26 UTC  

@Phillip-TX is right. He helped me get to the meet-up this weekend and I know a lot of others would too.

2017-05-30 05:01:28 UTC  

Is everyone sure that open carry is illegal if you're not a Texas citizen?

2017-05-30 05:02:01 UTC  

For pistols, yes. Shotguns and long rifles are fine.

2017-05-30 05:02:21 UTC  

Right on. Let's get it on then.

2017-05-30 06:42:06 UTC  


2017-05-30 13:17:01 UTC  

@Thomas Ryan I'll be there for sure

2017-06-10 01:52:48 UTC  

I wanted to apologize to everyone that I didn't make it. I have had health problems as of late (two subdermal hematomas on my brain.) I have spent a lot of time in the hospital. I went for a CT today and should have some info next week on when I can get back to work. Hail Victory, brothers.

2017-06-10 01:55:59 UTC  

@Clint - OK in my prays

2017-06-10 01:56:31 UTC  

Thanks, man.

2017-06-10 01:56:36 UTC  

Damn how'd you get the things with the brain?

2017-06-10 01:56:57 UTC  

One fight and two car accidents within two weeks.

2017-06-10 01:57:02 UTC  

Holy cow

2017-06-10 01:57:04 UTC  

That's terrible

2017-06-10 01:57:32 UTC  

When it rains, it pours. I won't let it get me down. I'm still with you goys in spirit!

2017-06-15 03:00:34 UTC  

For all interested , riverbend in Chattanooga would be a great place to make a stand against the establishment. I want to organize a group to poster up and hand out material

2017-06-15 04:24:22 UTC  

We've got a couple chattanooga guys

2017-06-15 04:25:38 UTC  

Good to hear.

2017-06-15 13:35:37 UTC  

@everyone for June 17th it may not be a bad idea to bring some ear plugs for the march. Should Antifa show up prepared, odds are they'll use noise tactics to try to stop us, e.g. bullhorn in people's ears.

2017-06-15 13:37:26 UTC  

We have the grounds for 3 hours with police protection so until we move out they shouldn't be a huge problem. Afterwards that's another story. If they're even aware this is going on

2017-06-15 13:56:47 UTC  

I would just assume so and prepare for it

2017-06-15 14:06:03 UTC  

@everyone If you're coming to the Austin event make sure you. 1- Bring you're basic battle rattle with you to the event in a pack etc. 2- Hydration. It will be high 90's Saturday. Start hydrating the day before and bring water and Gatorade with you.

2017-06-15 14:16:57 UTC  

How often do things get out of hand in Texas?

2017-06-15 14:18:19 UTC  

If it's Austin pretty much every time. It's an Antifa stronghold

2017-06-15 14:49:38 UTC  

Only a handful showed up to the rally in March, but I suspect they'll bring more since this isn't a normie event.

2017-06-15 14:50:00 UTC  

It was raining that day too

2017-06-15 14:50:40 UTC  

Things might be different

2017-06-15 14:53:15 UTC  

Still Antifa pages are not talking about it

2017-06-15 14:58:39 UTC  

Austin Sat. Forcast is partially cloudy and temp high is estimated at 101*F

2017-06-15 15:00:06 UTC  

It's good thing I won't get sunburn

2017-06-15 15:00:58 UTC  

That's snowflake melting temperature.

2017-06-15 15:01:33 UTC  

Fat snowmen melting temperature

2017-06-15 15:30:09 UTC  

@roybooneNC 90% chance. They'll be looking for us.

2017-06-15 15:31:59 UTC  

Have you heard anything @Chris7577TX ?

2017-06-15 15:33:29 UTC  

@Phillip-TX Nothing yet, that's what makes me suspicious. I know those fucks listen to the Shoah, so they're definitely aware.

2017-06-15 15:34:50 UTC  

This is why everyone needs to bring their gear in a pack and put it aside during the rally. We'll assign someone to guard it

2017-06-15 15:36:59 UTC  

@here if you're going to the rally you must be prepared for hostilities and the heat. A pack is the best way to handle this. If you don't have a pack please get one or message me.

2017-06-15 15:45:37 UTC  

@here I'm headed up to Costcos to get a rolling cooler and water, if anyone needs anything let me know.