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2017-05-26 01:18:19 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

i liked general chat :/

2017-05-29 03:26:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

i play imperials :!

2017-05-29 03:26:52 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

nords and khajit

2017-05-29 03:27:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

not in oblivion,morrowind and daggerdall

2017-05-29 03:27:37 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-05-29 03:27:58 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

i do tho

2017-05-29 03:28:09 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

and so is daggerfall

2017-05-29 03:28:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

nah man

2017-05-29 03:28:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

daggerfall is badass i was a werewolf flying around on a horse

2017-05-29 03:28:39 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

killing entire towns

2017-05-29 03:28:59 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

and then changing back into a nord and no guard noticed me

2017-05-29 03:29:31 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-05-29 03:30:58 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Vvardenfel isnt very live able any more

2017-05-29 03:31:15 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-05-29 03:31:28 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

playing morrowind shows other wise

2017-05-29 03:31:35 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

(except for the damn ashlands )

2017-05-29 03:34:11 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

i'd live in cyrodil

2017-05-29 03:34:53 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

skingrad is where its at yo

2017-05-29 03:35:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

in daggerfall you can find a dragon

2017-05-29 03:36:06 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

a city in cyrodill

2017-05-29 03:36:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

its based of transylvania and the count on skingrad is a vampire too

2017-05-29 03:37:10 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

skingrad i mean

2017-05-29 03:37:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

he is badass

2017-05-29 03:37:54 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Nathan have you not played any other ES game than skyrim?

2017-05-29 03:38:33 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

Oblivion Dark brotherhood was soo damn cool

2017-05-29 03:38:53 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

you actually felt like an assassin

2017-05-29 03:39:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

killing that pirate and all

2017-05-29 03:39:18 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

(i've played every ES game :])

2017-05-29 03:40:13 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

it was the best

2017-05-29 03:40:56 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

the emperor was chill af

2017-05-29 03:41:46 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

DB in oblivion you have to kill all your other guildmates too

2017-05-29 03:44:55 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

i make the game soo much longer than it needs to be using bow and arrow :/

2017-05-29 03:45:36 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

that dlc is broke on my PC and im pissed i cant play dawnguard

2017-05-29 03:49:03 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

remember in morrowind the imperial cult

2017-05-29 03:50:32 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

ive never finished any of the games :3

2017-05-29 03:52:00 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

what do you guys even talk about on the voice chat

2017-05-30 04:28:49 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-06-05 16:54:14 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

wiccans ^^

2017-06-05 18:04:53 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

>god left

2017-06-05 18:08:47 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

ragnarok should just already and happen ffs

2017-06-09 21:02:01 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

im a pagan :/

2017-06-23 03:12:44 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

i redpilled a black guy

2017-06-23 03:24:29 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

he says europe needs to stay european now

2017-06-23 15:51:15 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

fucking do it dude

2017-06-28 22:59:54 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

welcome friend

2017-07-08 01:30:36 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-07-10 23:42:24 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

what if you dont got any weights nor access to a gym :I

2017-07-10 23:56:41 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-07-11 06:46:29 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

the pride and love for your nation & people taking action

2017-07-13 06:32:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

redpill him

2017-07-14 20:11:14 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

no fascist on the list :/

2017-07-17 02:42:26 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-07-18 04:39:27 UTC [Southern Front #general]  


2017-07-18 04:39:43 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

i mean im not a good writer

2017-07-18 04:40:23 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

asatru is as fascist as it gets

2017-07-21 01:02:39 UTC [Southern Front #general]  

welcome brother

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