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2017-06-29 10:39:58 UTC  

What matters to life is the mud-covered boys and flour-covered girls learning to be disciplined men and women so they don't need to import cheap savage labor.

2017-06-29 10:39:59 UTC  

Making your bed. Combing your hair. Hitting the gym. Its not vanity, its practical

2017-06-29 10:41:11 UTC  

I fundamentally agree with you, but yea Im On my way to the gym now lol

2017-06-29 10:41:26 UTC  

For strength, I hope. Not sculpture.

2017-06-29 10:42:08 UTC  

We dont usually get one without the other my dude 😎

2017-06-29 10:42:23 UTC  

Special Forces would disagree.

2017-06-29 10:42:59 UTC  

Power lifters and world's strongest men definitely don't look like statues.

2017-06-29 10:46:15 UTC  

Well I've worked with plenty of them and they dont look like strongman competitors. Lots of rucking etc not much utility for that. Sort of moot for our purposes though. We all could benefit from more fitness overall

2017-06-29 10:46:37 UTC  

Someone's wrong on the internet, dude. Go lift.

2017-06-29 10:47:38 UTC  

Hah. Later bro

2017-06-30 20:41:02 UTC  

@FairUse WA what's wrong with aesthetics? People aren't going to want to follow an ideology where everybody looks ugly and unprofessional. Just look at the progress NSM made (none) compared to the alt-right

2017-06-30 20:51:36 UTC  

First things first. We've already lost a war on both sides by putting appearance ahead of strength, victory ahead of truth, pride ahead of wisdom, assumptions ahead of knowledge, reactions ahead of actions. You need appearance, victory, pride, assumptions, and reactions, but it's a perfect recipe for failure to put them ahead of the bedrock of strength, truth, wisdom, knowledge, and action. In the end, looking flashy doen't help a boxer win against a man who's strong on his fundamentals. With a strong foundation, a mighty tower can be constructed, and withstands the storm. With the proper foundation, truth will give you the victory you want. Strength will give you the appearance you want. Wisdom will give you something to be proud of. Knowledge will hone your assumptions like a sharpened blade and so on. Our actions will put the enemy into a state of constant reaction. We're great builders. Let's build the kind of victory that lasts.

2017-06-30 21:02:50 UTC  

Better question, what does this have to do with operations?

2017-06-30 21:07:15 UTC  

I blame discord

2017-06-30 21:07:34 UTC  

A bad craftsman blames the tools, does he not?

2017-06-30 21:08:17 UTC  

Yes. I'm bad at discord. 🤓 What does that have to do with ops?

2017-06-30 22:10:58 UTC  

<@&327489067526651905> everyone still with us

2017-06-30 23:11:26 UTC  

Even though you don't know how to Discord, I think you're right.

2017-07-02 03:21:42 UTC  

I got a fucking idea for operations. Let's target left wing newspaper stands with the "Lying Press" posters.

2017-07-02 03:23:43 UTC  

And maybe @Thomas Ryan can make us a sticker version of that poster to increase our possibilities.

2017-07-02 03:26:57 UTC  

I like the idea, a lot

2017-07-02 03:27:41 UTC  

Trump, pbuh, is currently going all out against the media. I'm not sure if he's /ourguy/ at all, but we might as well mass our forces.

2017-07-02 03:34:20 UTC  

I've been contemplating hitting the Houston Press and the jewston chronical

2017-07-02 03:39:53 UTC  

I know I would greatly appreciate more counter semetic posters.

2017-07-02 03:45:47 UTC  

LOL "Jewston Chronicle"

2017-07-02 03:46:10 UTC  

Austin unAmerican Statesman

2017-07-02 03:47:49 UTC

2017-07-02 03:48:04 UTC  

Great fucking poster. This thing is seriously tops.

2017-07-02 03:48:09 UTC  

I haven't used it yet. Has anyone?

2017-07-02 03:50:09 UTC  

It's specialized for postering around media or slipping into newspapers.

2017-07-02 03:50:18 UTC  

It is a great poster though.

2017-07-02 03:50:36 UTC  

I would like to see a lot more posters naming the Jew.

2017-07-02 03:51:01 UTC  

We put some up at Rice, on the uni news building.

2017-07-03 01:13:27 UTC  

Hey @Thomas Ryan check DM

2017-07-03 16:14:16 UTC

2017-07-03 16:14:37 UTC  

300 of these bad boys prepped for the 15th from our boys in Washington, make sure you're setting up plans as well.

2017-07-03 16:15:44 UTC  

Good idea also, take the LYING PRESS poster from our site and go to your local city center, plop it in each newspaper stand and on every magazine rack you see.

2017-07-03 16:17:42 UTC  


2017-07-03 19:08:46 UTC

2017-07-03 19:09:37 UTC  

That's a good idea what time do they restock those usually? I wouldn't want to waste flyers

2017-07-03 19:09:54 UTC  

some of them are weekly I think..