Message from Joe the boomer in Nick Fuentes Server #self-improvement

2018-01-18 19:18:08 UTC  

why cant I get real help

2018-01-18 19:18:09 UTC  


2018-01-18 19:18:29 UTC  

What do you mean, friend?

2018-01-18 19:18:37 UTC  

real advice from my shield brothers

2018-01-18 19:18:51 UTC  

Advice about what I mean?

2018-01-18 19:18:58 UTC  

what to do with my shekels

2018-01-18 19:19:29 UTC  

I told you fam, either invest in crypto, shares, commodities - or start a business

2018-01-18 19:19:36 UTC  

Or invest in charity

2018-01-18 19:19:47 UTC  

start a buisiness wtf

2018-01-18 19:20:04 UTC  

And when I say invest in charity I mean go out and build something for disenfranchised whites

2018-01-18 19:20:16 UTC  

Don't give your shekels to a charity company

2018-01-18 19:21:42 UTC  

Real talk, it may seem strange to start a business as a concept, but imagine being able to leave a tangible collection of your life's efforts for your children

2018-01-18 19:22:20 UTC  

To be able to say 'look son, here's a business I spent hours of my life on - it's yours now'

2018-01-18 21:28:27 UTC  

We know nothing about you Bread so how do we know what would help you

2018-01-18 22:29:08 UTC  

just invest

2018-01-18 22:29:13 UTC  

shekels make more shekels

2018-01-18 22:29:16 UTC  

which make more shekels

2018-01-18 22:29:20 UTC  

which make more shekels

2018-01-18 22:29:25 UTC  

and this happens exponentially

2018-01-18 23:47:55 UTC  

invest in ammo and food stores and guns and medical supplies

2018-01-18 23:48:00 UTC  

i can help get you started bread

2018-01-18 23:48:26 UTC  

buy silver as well and boos and ciggaretes for bartering

2018-01-18 23:50:39 UTC  

Should he focus on booze and cigarettes, or bullets? Which would be considered more valuable in a post-society scenario?

2018-01-18 23:53:01 UTC  


2018-01-18 23:53:10 UTC  

not bullets but ammo

2018-01-18 23:53:32 UTC  

bullets are only projectiles a round is the whole cartridge

2018-01-18 23:53:37 UTC  

bullet included

2018-01-18 23:53:41 UTC  


2018-01-18 23:53:47 UTC  

I'll keep that in mind.

2018-01-18 23:55:35 UTC  

cartridge = round

2018-01-18 23:55:54 UTC  

semantics but i know what you mean just being s stickler

2018-01-18 23:56:10 UTC  


2018-01-18 23:56:45 UTC  

here ill send you a short easy vid on how to get into shotgun reloading its way easier than rifle and pistol cartridge loading

2018-01-18 23:57:41 UTC  

I always wondered about this but never made it a priority.

2018-01-18 23:57:48 UTC  

I'll watch the shit outta' this.

2018-01-18 23:58:11 UTC  

yeah i plan to get into it besides the components and bits and peices he has in that video all you need is a damn drill

2018-01-18 23:58:18 UTC  

and the proper loading book

2018-01-18 23:58:23 UTC  

whihc is only like 20 bucks

2018-01-18 23:59:55 UTC  

he mentions the place to get the supplises from