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2018-01-24 03:37:16 UTC  

pour the sauce over the top

2018-01-24 03:37:17 UTC  

and toss.

2018-01-24 03:37:29 UTC  

This is my favorite dinner to make.

2018-01-24 03:37:49 UTC  

I usually accompany this with some green beans sauteed in bacon grease.

2018-01-24 03:37:59 UTC  

And mashed potatoes if I've got the time.

2018-01-24 03:38:07 UTC  

Sorry for the text wall.

2018-01-24 03:38:19 UTC  

Feed all the hombres with that eh Chicano?

2018-01-24 03:38:48 UTC  

@Thomas you're making me hungry, I'll definitely try that

2018-01-24 03:38:56 UTC  

*nah, ese, my ass gotta' walk down to taco bell for that shit* @🎭🎵

2018-01-24 03:39:32 UTC  

But no my family's fuckin' giant.

2018-01-24 03:39:32 UTC  
2018-01-24 03:39:46 UTC  

I am a lost soul without a COLLECTIVE

2018-01-24 03:39:52 UTC  


2018-01-24 03:40:00 UTC  

*make-a me sad, 4 u, bread*

2018-01-24 03:40:10 UTC  

the chicken sounds good

2018-01-24 03:40:27 UTC  

Also, for fuck's sake, don't have a bachelor refrigerator, fill your fridge up with decent lards, vegetables and meats to actually cook yourself decent stuff.

2018-01-24 03:40:27 UTC  

lately I've been into slow cooking pork and so on.. like 8hr cooks in crockpot

2018-01-24 03:40:33 UTC  

That goes for any lonely man here.

2018-01-24 03:40:57 UTC  

Mm that chicken would be good with mashed potatoes I might try that. Crock pot pork is really yummy too, I love making pulled pork

2018-01-24 03:41:13 UTC  

How do you guys make mashed potatoes?

2018-01-24 03:41:16 UTC  

duck fat is the king lard.. I make whole chickens with duck fat on it

2018-01-24 03:41:28 UTC  

duck fat in mashed potatoes = nuts

2018-01-24 03:41:41 UTC  

I want to get some duck fat, seems expensive as hell tho.

2018-01-24 03:41:44 UTC  

Is it?

2018-01-24 03:42:00 UTC  

you can get it for like 6$ a 'jar'

2018-01-24 03:42:08 UTC  

I've seen it for way more though

2018-01-24 03:42:08 UTC  

Oh so like ghee?

2018-01-24 03:42:26 UTC  

Also, I cna't emphasize this enough, SAVE YOUR BACON DRIPPINGS.

2018-01-24 03:42:36 UTC  

It makes a wonderful egg grease.

2018-01-24 03:42:37 UTC  

sorta.. it's more like chicken fat but much richer

2018-01-24 03:43:05 UTC  

yeah when I make chickens I use the fat to make rice in rice cooker.. I add fat to the water and rice

2018-01-24 03:43:54 UTC  

Now I'm going to give you guys a badass mashed potato recipe, because my mother's mashed potatoes ahve essentially ruined all other mashed potatoes because I love them so much.

2018-01-24 03:43:58 UTC  

It's a lot of eyeballing

2018-01-24 03:43:59 UTC  


2018-01-24 03:44:18 UTC  

it goes, cutting peeled potatoes into manageable chunks,

2018-01-24 03:44:22 UTC  

boiling those chunks

2018-01-24 03:44:27 UTC  

(until soft)

2018-01-24 03:44:36 UTC  

drain the water in the sink

2018-01-24 03:44:42 UTC  

use a strainer,

2018-01-24 03:45:01 UTC  

then, put the potatoes back in the now empty boiling pot,

2018-01-24 03:45:10 UTC  

add a sufficient amount of butter