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2018-04-01 22:31:13 UTC  

yes or find time somwhere

2018-04-01 22:32:17 UTC  

I have a barbel set that goes up to 20kg and I live alone and have a lot of floor space so I was hoping I’d be able to make a lot of progress just at my place

2018-04-01 22:34:28 UTC  

I would say do 7 sets of one certain exercise or

2018-04-01 22:34:46 UTC  

In one of those 7 sets do your max

2018-04-01 22:36:11 UTC  

More sets? Would you recommend going for your max in the first couple, the last sets or in the middle ?

2018-04-01 22:39:24 UTC  

Also I have a bad case of pigeon legs, i have a thigh gap so big I don’t have a lap. I’m guessing I’ll be needing a gym set up to help with that issue more but any tips on bulking up tiny legs?

2018-04-01 23:38:33 UTC  

Lose fat if you want to see definition

2018-04-01 23:39:34 UTC  

I’m cutting carbs where possible but I’m skinny fat I can’t afford to lose much weight so do I just lift a lot or do I need some cardio?

2018-04-01 23:40:44 UTC  

Personally I do intermittent fasting but still eat the same more or less and have lost quite a bit of fat in a short time

2018-04-01 23:40:54 UTC  

I haven't done cardio in months

2018-04-01 23:41:09 UTC  

Cuz I workout at home

2018-04-01 23:42:54 UTC  

When I first started lifting I was like 25% bf and now am about 15% bf

2018-04-01 23:43:18 UTC  

And that was about 1 and a half years ago

2018-04-02 00:05:43 UTC  

I don’t have callipers but if I guessed I’d be 20% but jeez that puts time in perspective. Thanks man, I’ll skip cardio for now at least then, so boring.

2018-04-02 00:10:33 UTC  

Workout with an empty stomach

2018-04-02 00:56:58 UTC  

@gangweeder well that was with on and off working out and I only started fasting in November so u could do it quicker probably

2018-04-02 04:05:28 UTC  

@GenZUk97#2628 if you want abs i promise you it’s entirely about eating right. i used to do all the sit ups in the world but nothing happened till i ate right. i don’t do any ab workouts anymore and still have them.

2018-04-02 04:10:55 UTC  

I honestly envy people trying to lose weight. I have been trying to gain weight for months with little success

2018-04-02 04:13:51 UTC  

same man. been eating like crazy doing little cardio and my lifts are actually going up but i’m stuck at 194

2018-04-02 04:18:38 UTC  

I thought best solution to skinny fat is just eating clean, bulking, and then cutting later

Abs are overrated. Girls care about the upper body more. Just be low bf

2018-04-02 04:20:54 UTC  

Opinions on bodyweight exercises?

2018-04-02 04:21:01 UTC  

Im stuck at 160 and have been eating lots of fats and protein. I also started drinking raw milk which helped a little

2018-04-02 04:21:21 UTC  

How tall are u

2018-04-02 04:21:28 UTC  


2018-04-02 04:21:35 UTC  

Skinny nigga

2018-04-02 04:21:37 UTC  

God damn

2018-04-02 04:21:48 UTC  

Do you blow away in the wind

2018-04-02 04:22:20 UTC  

I dont look that skinny most people think I weigh more than i do. The problem is i have like no body fat

2018-04-02 04:22:45 UTC  

I think i work out too much

2018-04-02 04:22:48 UTC  

Can't you just eat a lot

2018-04-02 04:22:48 UTC  

May take a break

2018-04-02 04:23:00 UTC  

Do you do cardio

2018-04-02 04:23:13 UTC  

Aside from a punching bag no

2018-04-02 04:23:21 UTC  

I eat a shitload

2018-04-02 04:23:42 UTC  

How many calories?

2018-04-02 04:25:55 UTC  

Idk i have like 4 raw eggs a day, 1/4 pound of cheese. Pound of meat. Shitload of honey, coconut butter and raw milk

2018-04-02 04:26:19 UTC  

It varies day to day though

2018-04-02 04:27:37 UTC  

Maybe eat shit tons of peanut butter

2018-04-02 05:02:22 UTC  

Forget the raw eggs, it’s just a meme

2018-04-02 05:03:24 UTC  

You should eat literally double what you listed there

2018-04-02 05:04:30 UTC  

It’s expensive though