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2018-02-04 18:15:55 UTC  

Don't bother with those. It's nice to have, but they're overly expensive and you can get the same results with a simple bird gun.

2018-02-04 18:16:03 UTC  

Let me check it out.

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A shotgun has to have a barrel at least eighteen inches in length.

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That's pretty much the only requirement.

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Of course I've read that you oaf

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Give me a gun 😠

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*aight aight*

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Chill big nigga

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What's your budget? @🎭🎵

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Question about optics. I don't want to get an optic right away but I want to able to. What should I look out for when buying a gun to make sure I can easily put an optic on it later?

2018-02-04 19:25:07 UTC  

Well, a customizeable sight rail is ideal for such a thing.

2018-02-04 19:25:33 UTC  

But I think there are a few guns with replaceable ironsights.

2018-02-04 19:25:37 UTC  

Could be wrong.

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Damn that is nice.

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@Thomas Imagine spending 700 bucks on a fucking pump

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what is this gay shit

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I have one of those organizer headboards now

2018-02-04 20:15:33 UTC  

I think I would stash gun behind it

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do pumps have (((safeties))))

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you can get an airgun that is lethal

2018-02-04 20:37:38 UTC  

cant keep all the guns in the same placed

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Tactical walls are pretty dope though

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@🎭🎵 if you want ot be a serious person i can help you with gun laws in your area and any questions you may have

2018-02-04 21:02:34 UTC  

concerning the mossy shockwave

2018-02-04 21:03:40 UTC  

its treated as a "firearm" not a shotgun or long gun or pistol all you have to do is go to your local gunshop and see if they can order you one you will only have to do a backround check like most other firearms

2018-02-04 21:04:15 UTC  

your local shop will also be able to tell you if they are any picky laws in your state (MASS) i assume

2018-02-04 21:05:03 UTC  

if you want to know about the mechanics of shotties i can help you with that as well

2018-02-04 21:07:37 UTC  

I don't think you can get the shockwave

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