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2018-02-14 22:45:11 UTC  

its fucking hot out here as balls

2018-02-14 22:45:15 UTC  

Poast head

2018-02-14 22:45:22 UTC  

but i have pics of mine i sent to my aunt on the way from church to the gun store

2018-02-14 22:46:30 UTC  

let me see if i can crop my scars out

2018-02-14 22:46:46 UTC  

I'm about to go to mass

2018-02-14 22:48:14 UTC  

I will post forehead l8r

2018-02-14 22:48:59 UTC  

is everyone just ignoring me then lol

2018-02-14 22:49:05 UTC

2018-02-14 22:49:09 UTC  

there thatys all u get

2018-02-14 22:49:23 UTC  

@Lil Merc if you hang out until later i can answer just not rn

2018-02-14 22:50:30 UTC  

i hope nick went to mass

2018-02-14 22:54:15 UTC  

wow ur asher did pretty good

2018-02-14 22:54:23 UTC  

Nick is a LARPer doubt he went

2018-02-14 22:54:32 UTC  

but its not a day of obligation so as long as he fasted hes good

2018-02-14 22:54:53 UTC  

@Bret ok cheers mate

2018-02-14 23:06:56 UTC  

@Fashnalist02#0300 that’s not really how God operates. You don’t get to demand he reveal himself to you

2018-02-14 23:07:30 UTC  

Those verses could just hold their inherent value, nothing more

2018-02-14 23:16:32 UTC  

Well, the first verse is speaking of the Israelites following the rule of God as pertains to Moses, a rule about the expelling of those with varying amounts of diseased skin.

The second is a declaration of message. A clear statement in Psalm about recitation of the law of God.

The last is part of a lesson taught by Christ dictating that those rulers which are outside the kingdom of God are Autarchs, who exert authority over their people, whereas within the kingdom of God, rulers are servants of their people.

Take with this what you will. Maybe He said something, maybe He didn't. Contrast these to your life and routines and see where it might fit in.

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2018-02-14 23:30:08 UTC  

Photo from Florida shooting

2018-02-14 23:42:10 UTC  

Would be sad if wasn’t Florida

2018-02-14 23:46:30 UTC  

she got ashes

2018-02-14 23:46:33 UTC  


2018-02-15 01:16:57 UTC  

whats the ash for

2018-02-15 01:28:43 UTC  

First day of lent @Ulf

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Thought it would be fun but whatever man

2018-02-15 02:16:06 UTC  

@Bret You look classy and agent enough to be a leader, have you considered going to your local GOP meetings?

2018-02-15 02:19:13 UTC  

@(((The George Borjas))) dude i look homeless

2018-02-15 02:27:57 UTC  

Saint Alexius looked homeless despite being incredibly wealthy. He chose to donate all of his belongings to the poor and any wealth which he obtained he spent it on them.

2018-02-15 02:28:10 UTC  

He lived under stairs that are now a relic in a chapel.

2018-02-15 02:28:40 UTC  

*there is little fault in the taking of a humble visage*

2018-02-15 02:32:15 UTC  

He definitely sounds like a saint to read up on

2018-02-15 02:36:22 UTC  

@Bret You look like ed sheeran with darker hair, as long as you look good in a suit youre fine

2018-02-15 02:49:03 UTC  

Mildly unrelated and probably belongs in <#402368135979859969> but I conquered Tunisia as the Papal States in EUIV. *satisfying as hell*

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2018-02-15 17:32:12 UTC  

@Broseph bit late, but I'm sure Jesus says somewhere in the Bible that if you truly believe and pray anything you want will be given to you

2018-02-15 20:11:47 UTC  

No, not how it works. It’s not like a redemption system where you put in a prayer and you get out a miracle. Sometimes you get nothing in the temporary, sometimes God helps you out. Physical gifts should not be your motivation for worship

2018-02-15 20:12:44 UTC  

Doesn't matter though pretty sure what he said is true

2018-02-15 21:29:34 UTC  

@Broseph didn't ask for a physical gift I asked for spiritual guidance