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2018-07-26 03:52:05 UTC

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TIL that the Catholic and Orthodox church came close to reunification but the Turks ruined it

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the eternal turk

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people ask me why i have a specific hatred for turks

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If your right eye causes you to stumble,gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.

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@AngloCelticRebel You gettin ideas?

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@Scooter2000 lol i found that pic and it immediately reminded me of that scripture

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yeah lanius likes to link it

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fellas, i have a question

2018-07-27 03:47:57 UTC  

i'm going to return to church while i'm at uni and have more free time

2018-07-27 03:48:19 UTC  

i've been looking around but i'm not sure which catholic church i should go to

2018-07-27 03:48:37 UTC  

should i just go into different ones to look?

2018-07-27 04:09:07 UTC  

see if you have a traditional Latin Mass in your city

2018-07-27 04:11:04 UTC  

it's fine to go into them straight away?

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2018-07-27 04:12:24 UTC  

just go to confession before recieving the Eucharist

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2018-07-27 04:14:14 UTC  

i have been baptised under the catholic faith, is there anything else i need to do?

2018-07-27 04:21:32 UTC  

@Abel have you had any other sacraments?

2018-07-27 04:26:41 UTC  

i think i have completed confirmation and eucharist

2018-07-27 04:27:23 UTC  

i don't really remember too well sorry. it's been a while

2018-07-27 04:28:32 UTC  

that's not something you normally forget since confirmation is at 14 and first communion at 7

2018-07-27 04:29:08 UTC  

i remember doing communion at that age

2018-07-27 04:29:59 UTC  

if that's the case i have not done confirmation at 14. I've stopped going to church then

2018-07-27 04:32:02 UTC  

how do i go about getting confirmation?

2018-07-27 04:34:41 UTC  

ask for it

2018-07-27 04:34:53 UTC  

that also probably means you haven't made your first confession

2018-07-27 04:35:52 UTC  

righto, so i'll ask for that as well?

2018-07-27 04:36:08 UTC  

you have to do that before you take communion again

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2018-07-27 04:37:00 UTC  

hmmm i made confession before confirmation

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2018-07-27 04:37:12 UTC  

that's the normal order

2018-07-27 04:37:22 UTC  

yeah and im still in communion with the church

2018-07-27 04:37:38 UTC  

but he's an adult now

2018-07-27 04:37:50 UTC  

and he apostatised

2018-07-27 04:38:09 UTC  

@Abel you did stop being catholic right?