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2018-01-28 10:46:55 UTC  

Good thread

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Curse got the good threads

2018-01-28 18:19:20 UTC  

**Former Secretary of HUD admits that mass hispanic Immigration is a democratic voter recruiting campaign!**

2018-01-28 19:22:23 UTC  

Federal immigration agents say there will be more workplace raids like 7-Eleven

2018-01-28 19:23:18 UTC  

Making plans?

2018-01-28 19:23:22 UTC  

For what lol

2018-01-28 19:25:25 UTC  

Tell their illegal workers how to avoid ice

2018-01-28 20:03:55 UTC a candidate in michigan that isnt a based black guy. Millons in his campaign

2018-01-28 23:44:43 UTC  

@Solipsistic Vinarchy Absurdley long URL name, this is why republicans cant win. Tell the lad to make the name or

2018-01-29 04:33:31 UTC  

underdeveloped website rn

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but good candidate it seems

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running against sherrod brown

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We need codecucks to help with these websites

2018-01-29 20:24:46 UTC  

McCabe out at the FBI after the FBI Director Wray, read the FISA memo

2018-01-29 20:24:58 UTC  

Theyre voting to release it today

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Gotta be somethin juicy in there

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@Solipsistic Vinarchy Based Italian

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Fellas, what are we gonna do?

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Because it was important, and because I like the JFKaysthetic, here's the entire quick rundown on JFK in PDF form.

2018-01-30 21:00:22 UTC
My reaction to the thot
What is exactly is your solution to this racial genocide you are documenting here? I mean apart from LARPing with a bunch of euro cucks and based black guys and homosexuals what are you actually doing to help prevent this? Are you going join a white advocacy group like IE, or will you find a husband and raise healthy white children instill them with values and a sense of pride, or are you at least going to point out the root cause of our people’s misfortune; international Jewry! But you won’t do any of this will you, you will just continue your thottery unabated and continue to monetise our people’s misery and decline. In conclusion, next time please let somebody like Faith Goldy cover a story like this instead of getting in before her and act like nothing happened you coal burning unscrupulous little skank.

2018-01-30 21:23:33 UTC  

Paul Nehlin is going on David Duke's show.
good optics?

2018-01-30 21:33:01 UTC  

goober tier optics

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2018-01-30 21:43:50 UTC  

yeah seems like a weird tactic - he's trending on twitter but he's gonna be branded a pariah after this

2018-01-30 21:51:57 UTC  

Nehlen wants to form a based commune

2018-01-30 21:52:00 UTC  

I'll join

2018-01-30 22:40:08 UTC  

My father always wanted to form a large commune for us and our extended family. I think it could be practical in that kind of setting.

2018-01-30 23:35:06 UTC  

Gaetz is urging Trump to release the memo during the state of the union address

2018-01-30 23:35:13 UTC  

that would be PRIMETIME