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2018-04-27 22:01:50 UTC  

"He who wishes to win the broad masses must understand that the key to the gates of their hearts is not objectivity, which is nothing more than weakness, but a determined and strong will."

Does this still hold true though in the given climate we find ourselves in with the mass media being the way it is. How it can digest the logical points of a position and excrete out a more concise and sensationalistic piece for the masses to understand more?

2018-04-27 23:35:25 UTC  

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2018-04-28 02:20:53 UTC  

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2018-04-28 02:50:27 UTC  

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In honor of the White House Press Correspondents' Dinner

2018-04-29 01:25:57 UTC

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2018-04-30 02:57:00 UTC  

I wouldn't doubt it if trump gets booed. A lot of the Molon labe ppl are pissed that trump did the bump stock ban

2018-04-30 02:57:19 UTC  

Could be bad optics

2018-04-30 02:58:29 UTC  

what if he goes and says he is going to make it legal for civilians to own nukes? <:chad:402359917819985931>

2018-04-30 03:05:07 UTC

2018-04-30 11:52:31 UTC  

Imo, the fact that Israel has been consistently only bombing the Iranians when they carry out these strikes will probably keep the situation from escalating. Everyone involved knows that this is just a proxy struggle between Israel and her strongest remaining enemy, Iran. If Israel was striking Russian, Iranian, and government targets directly, then the situation would legitimately escalate

2018-04-30 11:53:28 UTC  

I'm not excusing the Israel strikes. I'm just saying that it is very clear that they have a specific intent to target one nation in particular that is only involved indirectly in the war

2018-04-30 18:27:57 UTC  

What's this caravan at the border the media over here is talking about?